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  1. Why actresses are getting arrested for prostitution?
  2. Recent Annanagar arrests - Are they valid?
  4. பேய் என்பது நிஜமா? கற்பனையா? Do you believe in Ghosts?
  5. Guys.. wat do u think of gals who smoke, go clubbing
  6. True Dowry ????
  7. Is still Tendulkar a match winner?
  8. Western culture for india?????? u think it'll work out?
  9. 33% Reservation for Women : Correct or wrong?
  10. Just An Idea About Patti Mandram
  12. Should men know to cook?
  13. is egg veg or non veg?
  14. Who will be the next superstar.....?
  15. cricket team select board must be only ex-cricketers(yes/no)
  16. Is the Death Penalty good for society ????????????
  17. Yarukku Desa Bakthi (Patriotism) athikam?
  18. Patti Mandram - Shankar & Boys ???
  19. Is it right to copy a poem from others website forum
  20. Emali Yaaru? Aana illa Ponna? - ஏமாளி யாரு?ஆணா இல்லை பொண்ணா?
  21. Patti MAndram Ideas
  22. koomaliyaaga yaaraala irukka mudiyum? Guy or Gal?
  23. Does M.K Gandhi... Deserves to be called as father of nation
  24. The Most Happiness to a family is brought by-SON or DAUGHTER
  25. Skimpily clad girls.....
  26. Comments on Debate topics but not in poll
  27. Arthasastra and Thirukural
  28. Will There Be 3rd World War????
  29. When does love start??? Valentine Special
  30. Who is the best sound master?
  31. Worst movie u have seen in the past 1 year
  32. Does a father really need a step-mother for his child
  33. Who will be the next PM
  34. Which is the best movie
  35. Thirumanathirkaga Ethai Vidalam?-திருமணதிற் காக எதை விடலாம்?
  36. Mission to mars..... is it something worthy?
  37. Pattimandram Does Cyber Love Works ?
  38. Pattimandram first preferene"WIFE or MOTHER"
  39. Paddimandram>Man should propose first ?
  40. What do you expect a film to be
  41. Gay Marriages...are they right? Or not?
  42. Democracy or Dictatorship??
  43. Boys movie????
  44. Why gaLs/guYs loves >SINGLE<LIFE
  45. Special debate 'What kinda guys female want: Raman or Kannan
  46. PROGRESSIVE TAXATION - Is it right? Or not?
  47. Dowry Harassment..... who is getting harassed now......
  48. Kalviya / selvama / veramma (Education/wealth/strong)-debate
  49. Rajini? - Geetham New Year Special Patti Mandram
  50. கணவன் இறந்த பின் திலகமிடலாம ா? போ சூடலாமா?வி ேடங்களில் கலந்து
  51. Which new actor better one?Dhanush, Simbhu, or Siddharth?
  52. Adoption versus Test-Tube-Babies
  53. Something I need an answer for...
  54. Rajinis DOWN FALL
  55. Would you like to see Mrs Sonia gandhi as The Prime Minister
  57. Who performed very well in Mani Rathnam's Ayutha Eluthu?
  58. Nature or Nuture
  59. Perfect Wife/Husband
  60. Debate - Cauery Issue
  61. A Soul Mate
  62. shud Dhananjay be hanged?
  63. who is top -South Indian or North Indian?
  64. USA Attacking Iraq
  65. Can u trust u r employee
  66. Reason for School Violence
  67. KeNJUNAL minjubavargal anggala or penggala??
  68. Is Trisha Innocent?
  69. Is Pamban bridge gauge conversion worth the cost?
  70. Love is not only the CRITERIA
  71. கூட்டுக் குடும்பம்?
  72. Shakeela Movie!!
  73. Who is the best sound master????
  74. Lifestyle in Developed Countries or Problems in Native Land
  75. Who enjoys the life more in developed countries Male Female?
  76. Did Neil Armstrong landed in moon.
  77. Who is responsible for public crimes
  78. Job Outsourcing-good for Developed Countries Economy or Not?
  79. பணத்தை அதிகம் விரயம் செய்பவர்கள ் யார்? m/f?
  80. Is death penality necessary.
  81. In India's Agriculture, Machinery or Manpower?
  82. What do you think about our Indian schools.
  83. Premature babies?
  84. Do re-make films need awards? (AGAIN)
  85. Can a married male be loyal to more than one woman
  86. [Fun debate] Who is more "evil", men or women?
  87. திருட்டு VCDக்கு காரணம் பொதுமக்களா ? திரைப்படது றையா?
  88. Does the tamil cinema deserve the recent support by TN Govt?
  89. Effect of High Salaries of IT people than others in India
  90. Is stem cell research good for human ??
  91. Dating.... Is it good to our culture?
  92. அழகி போட்டிகள் தேவையா?/azaki pOttikaL thEvaiyA?
  93. The "Sir" culture in Indian bureaucracy!!!
  94. கல்லூரி வாழ்க்கையை அதிகம் அனுபவிப்பத ு மாணவர்களா( )மாணவிகளா??
  95. Breastfeeding in public
  96. மன்மதன் நல்லவனா? கெட்டவனா?
  97. ஜெயெ ந் திரர் கைது ?? மக்கள் கருத்து.... சரியா தவறா ??
  98. Indriya Nilaiyil Athigam Allal paduvathu Yaar?
  99. Should all Govt Ban Tsunami Adoptions?
  100. Should expats have as much say as residents?
  101. Type of Women, men prefer: Draupathi or Seetha
  102. What kind of men do the Women of today prefer
  103. Caste System - Help or disaster
  104. கதையல்ல நிஜம் (Discussion)
  105. Live example
  106. Credit cards: Are they boon or bane?
  107. Does the END justify the MEANS?
  108. Uravugalin Varugai Sumaiya? Suvaiya?
  109. Chances for Hospice Patients
  110. Should euthanesia be legalised?
  111. Buying Movie Tickets in Black
  112. What holds most charm: TR-Lyrics or TR-Music?
  113. Does a man have right on an unborn child?
  114. Paying to become a doctor
  115. Pengal Virumbuvathu Ambiyaa/Removaa?
  116. Should one need to identify himself/herself for Religion?
  117. Should Age be considered
  118. Another Sha Bano in the making??
  119. Scientology
  120. To Dig or Not To Dig?
  121. Animal Research for Medical Purposes - Good or Bad?
  122. Should victims' families have a say in court?
  123. அலசுவோமா? who is good at "Multitasking"?
  124. Flexi Timing - Boon or Bane ?
  125. Leave the relationship for betterment of Life
  126. Penggalukku Perchanai Kodupavar Anggala Alla Penggala??
  127. Should Sex Offenders be given a chance.
  128. Love me, Love me not
  129. A new kind of Debate what do u think?
  130. panchayam/panchayat: yes or no?
  131. Who Invented Marriage?
  132. tamil culture
  133. Underage Abortions - A scenario and some questions
  134. boon or bane???
  135. Will you accept them back or Not?
  136. tamilians and xenophhobia
  137. Kaaviaanjali
  138. Why wedding ring should put on the fourth finger ??
  139. Vazhgaiyil Athiga Sikkanam Saipavar Penggala Alla Anggala?
  140. VW- GTI vs VW-TDI
  141. Athigamaaga nagai vaanguvathu sikkanama allathu aadamparama?
  142. Arranged vs Love marriages
  143. would you spy on your kids?
  144. Should Mohd Afzal be pardoned?
  145. தமிழர் ஆகிய நாம், மொழியையும் பண்பாட்டைய ும் காப்பாற்ற வேண்டுமா??
  146. What makes u happy? Past memories or Future dreams
  147. Learning Vedham
  148. Celebrities Adoption
  149. Aiswarya Rai's simple wedding (???)
  150. Why do Friends cheat friends in a name of trust?
  151. பெற்றோருக் கும் பிள்ளைகளுக ்கும் இடையிலான இடைவெளி
  152. A continent beset by famine,war and distaters
  153. "Boys or Girls -Why is feeling that one gender is better? Does it have relevance now?
  154. Compulsory community Services at Village during MBBS
  155. Is sexism less offensive than racism?
  156. China- Olympic Games
  157. Aliens
  158. High Court Strikes down Gun Ban
  159. jus solis VERSUS jus sanguinis
  160. Who is responsible for Present Srilankan situation?
  161. ஏலியன்கள் என்பது உண்மையா அல்லது கட்டுக்கதை யா?
  162. Magana Magala ?
  163. Jaya TV Pongal Pattimanram dated 15/01/2011
  164. Sun TV Pattimanram dated (15-01-2012 Pongal day)
  165. Pattimanram by Suki Sivam - Magizchi before or after Marriage
  166. S.Ve Sekhar - Pattimanram - Usage of Mobile Phone
  167. Ilampirai Manimaran - Pattimanram - Sotha ? Patta ? (money? Family?)
  168. Pattimanram - Smt Sarada Nambi - About Festival Celebrations
  169. Solomon Papaiah - Aug 15 Pattimanram - Ilamaya Mudumaya
  170. Đồng phục 2Uni – địa chỉ đặt áo phông tin cậy nhất
  171. In túi xách giấy kraft nâu
  172. Thiết kế túi xách giấy quà tặng- túi giấy có sẵn
  173. Bán túi giấy gói hàng – túi xách giấy thời trang
  174. Túi giấy thực phầm - Giải pháp thay thế sản phẩm nhựa
  175. Review tiện ích Google Translate 2019
  176. camera hệ thống nhận dạng khuôn mặt mới nhất
  177. in bao giấy bánh mì kraft thân thiện môi trường có chứng nhận FDA
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  179. Bảng giá túi bánh mì que
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  181. Báo giá van điện từ nước giá rẻ giá rẻ
  182. Giá van điện từ khí nén chất lượng
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  184. ThiẾT kế túi bánh mì kebab
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  186. Giá túi bánh mì chả cá nóng
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  197. Công ty cho thuê từ khóa TOP 3 Google mỹ phẩm - 0934225077
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