View Full Version : "The Day after tomorow" review

06-15-2004, 11:11 AM
Sorry guys for reviewing an English movie any way hear goes.

Ok from my point of view, i can say that this movie has the thrills and nail biting sequence from the start to the finish.
I would suggest that if u liked "Independance Day" u will appreciate this also.

The Story moves really fast for almost the entier movie but gets a bit slow with the final sequence which is obvious that all the good stuff has passed out and the movie is going to end.

The story - the movie starts with the hero who is a geological scentist works on the icy layers of antartica, where he finds out that there is a climatic change occuring and the movie shifts to New delhi( where due to the change in the weather gets to snow ) - here he reveals the cause for the change in the weather and the USA - vice president does not take his findings(here he is reffered to the now Vice President) ok enough talking - the changes happen sooner than predicted ( the north atlantic current gets changed to have a clamity) this takes a drastic change like the mother nature taking her wrath on the pitiful humans. The tornados and the hurricane rampage around the world and destroy Europe and almost the north america - here the changes occur above the equater. everything fills with frost and snow and also withcities like new york getting to flood (apperently one of the best sequence in the movie history). here comes the story with all this commosion the heros son gets to go to a competition to NY and gets trapped as the city gets flooded and frozen. this leads to the estranged father to come and save his son where no man will venture to go - leading north. the story gets handed over to the sentiments from the disaster at this point. finally all leads well and ends with a good note on pollution control.

Any way for pure fun and real good time to spend your evening please do watch this movie as i would say u wont get disappointed.
hope this helps if it not clear - please do forgive me i will do better next time