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08-15-2004, 09:04 PM
Madurey, the forthcoming flick of Madhesh projects Vijay in a totally different role. "So far in my film career of 35 films, I have not done a role like the one in Madurey. It's absolutely a new character which has given me a new experience" muses Vijay. Vijay who normally never boasts of his roles for first time opened when met on the sets of Madurey. He also added" I am not claiming that this film has a story which has never come earlier. Ghillli was an action film with love base, but here Madurey is totally an action packed with no romance base". He plays a vegetable vendor Madureyvel in Madurai market and the whole story happens in the city of Madurai. A huge set was erected for this purpose on the outskirts of Chennai on the 100 acres land and Madurai market recreated.
Madhesh, the producer-director who is making a debut as a director feels," After Ghillli's success my responsibilities as a director has grown enormous. I am being pressurized to give not merely a hit but a super-duper hit. That's why although the film is ready I am taking little more time to release it as I am still fine-tuning the copies". Sonia Agarwal plays the main female lead apart from Rakshitha and Tejashree in the foray. Sonia said, "I used to watch Vijay's Tamil film promos and used to think how nice it would be if I become his heroine. It is my dreams come true. I have a fantastic role in Madurey – two heroines role put together you can say".
Music is scored by Vidhyasagar. "All the songs have come out very well. Just like the song 'Dhimusu Kattai' in Thirumali and 'Appadi Podu' in Ghillli, the song 'Macchan Peru Madurey' in this film will create a record "claims Vijay. A song sequence was canned by Madhesh on Vijay - Sonia Agarwal for ten days in different parts of France. Totally 311 shots were taken out of which 274 shots were used. For the first time a maximum of 80 shots have computer graphics which is a record for Indian cinema.
A song of Vijay- Tejashree was picturised at specially erected sets of street roads, churches, temples, market lanes etc. and 2000 dancers took part in this song sung by Shankar Mahadevan. The song sung by Karthik and Syanara Phillip was filmed on Vijay and Rakshitha. Kanal Kannan does the stunt choreography. Kanal used twenty 80 feet cranes to hang Vijay upside down for a fight sequence which will be a highlight in the film. Vadivelu, Seetha, Rajkapur, Illavarasu among others in the main cast. Saravanan cranks the camera. The film is expected to be released on August 19th.