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09-01-2004, 09:37 PM
After the racy blockbuster Ghillli there were lots of expectations for Madurey. Vijay has not disappointed his fans. It’s Vijay all over in the film.
Madurey (Vijay) is vegetable vendor in Madurai market lives near market with his mother Seetha and two sisters. Pandu (Vadivel) assists him in the shop. He is a do-gooder for all and takes on the local small time moneylender (Raj Kapoor) who harasses everyone in the market Anita (Rakshitha) comes to this market as a research scholar. Watching Madurey each and every day she falls for him. On one occasion when Rajkapoor brings the local inspector to arrest Madurey but instead of arresting Madurey he salutes at him. Seetha on seeing this gets suspicious and cross-examine him on this. She finds out that Madurey was responsible for the death of her eldest daughter Sushila (Sonia Agarwal) and in a fit of anger she shoots him.
The story unfolds after interval.in a flashback by Pandul that Madurey is actually Madureyvel IAS, the former collector of Madurai. His personal secretary was Sushila (Sonia Agarwal). KTR (Pasupathy), a don controls the whole city by his harmful activities. He does adulteration in food including kerosene and Madurey fights against him. In a clash with KTR, Sushila dies in a freak accident and the blame falls on Madurey who goes underground to prove his innocence. How Madureyvel comes back and destroy KTR and his gangsters forms the rest of the story.
The whole film stands on the strength of Vijay only. He has played both the roles convincingly. His screen presence is amazing. Sonia Agarwal is ok. She has not been utilized properly. The fatty Rakshitha and Tejashree add glamour. Vadivelu provides some rib-tickling movements. Director Madhesh has cleverly written the screenplay (though the story has resembles of old Rajini movies) to suit Vijay's image. No doubt, the film has a speed but it lags at times because of censor's scissors. Vidhyasagar music is fast paced especially the title song. Kanal Kannan's stunt choreography is worth mentioning.

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09-01-2004, 10:16 PM
The fatty Rakshitha and Tejashree add glamour.

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