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09-12-2003, 10:14 PM


Director: Suresh Prasanna
Cast: Junior Sivaji,Nandana,Sonia Agarwal,Abhinay,Roja,Urvasi

‘Success….Success’ were reportedly the first words that thespian Sivaji Ganesan uttered in front of the camera as he faced it for his debut film ‘Parasakthi’. Decades later,’Success’ comes as the title of a new film, in which the hero is none other than his own grandson Junior Sivaji (aka Dushyant). The debutant director (apprenticed with R C Sakthi and Ameer Jaan), probably for a more nostalgic feeling, has named his protagonist Ganesh, and used an old-fashioned narrative style, the film picking up some pace in the second half.

It centres round Ganesh who strikes up a friendship with Shweta (Sonia). Ganesh’s sister Radha (Roja) mistaking it for love, approaches Shweta’s family with a marriage proposal, for which she is shown the door. Furious at his sister’s humiliation, Ganesh plans vendetta. Learning of Shweta’s impending marriage, Ganesh boards the train in which Shweta is travelling with her family to the marriage venue , and stealthily ties the ‘thaali’ around the neck of the sleeping girl. Only to realise to his shock later that it was a stranger Maha (Nandana) who was the victim of his thoughtless action. With Maha’s impending marriage coming to a halt, it is up to Ganesh to rectify matters in this average entertainer.
Jr. Sivaji goes through all the ‘heroic’ stuff fairly competently for a debutant, though he could still work on his expressions in the more intense scenes. Nandana (from Malayalam films) has a very photogenic face and the expressions to go with it. Sonia (of ‘Kadhal Konden’ fame) is one of the prettiest faces to enter the Tamil scene, and is used as just that -- a pretty face. Plainly irritating is Karunas with his loud monotone and supposedly comic antics.