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09-09-2004, 06:13 PM
:wink: yup You guessed it !!
Circket is once more in our mist :ahha:


Group A: Australia, New Zealand, USA
Group B: South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh
Group C: Pakistan, India, Kenya
Group D: Sri Lanka, England, Zimbabwe



10 England v Zimbabwe, Edgbaston
10 New Zealand v USA, The Oval
11 India v Kenya, The Rose Bowl
12 South Africa v Bangladesh, Edgbaston
13 Australia v USA, The Rose Bowl
14 Pakistan v Kenya, Edgbaston
14 Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe, The Oval
15 West Indies v Bangladesh, The Rose Bowl
16 Australia v New Zealand, The Oval
17 Sri Lanka v England, The Rose Bowl
18 South Africa v West Indies, The Oval
19 India v Pakistan, Edgbaston

21 SF1 (Winner Group A v Winner Group D), Edgbaston
22 SF2 (Winner Group B v Winner Group C), The Rose Bowl

25 Final, The Oval

courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk

And I am actually amazed to see USA in the List ...as far as I knew they only played strange games with added paddings...but hey ...not any more or so it seems :sm12:

Well who to look out for?

According to www.cricket365.com

In form :

Australia ....of course :ahha:
Sri Lanka ...well they did get the Asia cup
New Zealand...winning 13/15 ODI is a good enough reason I should think

out of form:

South Africa......well maybe they will get out of their loosing streak ...u never know
West Indies....come on Brian wake them up dude :evil:
England....well they did do quite well in the Natwest series agaisnt India....
India........... :evil: dudes...I don't get it ..they have great players..are they all sleeping :Ksp:

these guys are not exactly out of form ..but they're not exactly "en Pleine Forme" either:
Direct quote from www.cricket365.com :ee:

Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Kenya and the USA serve to make up the numbers. Lambs to the slaughter in facing the stronger Test nations

Players to watch out for:

Andrew Flintoff
Matthew Hayden
Andrew Symonds
Virender Sehwag
Sanath Jayasuriya
Jacques Kallis
Shoaib Malik

Steve Harmison
Chaminda Vaas
Nuwan Zoysa
Irfan Pathan
Shaun Pollock
Jason Gillespie

well obvioulsy Australia...but let's all hope the Aussies don't get :ee:

All obtained from www.cricket365.com
so if you don't agree with any of it ...go shout at them :wink: :ee: :ee: :ee:

courtesy of http://www.cric8.com/ICCChampionsTrophy.asp

Playing Conditions that will apply for the ICC Champions Trophy 2004.

These are based on the standard One Day International Playing Conditions used around the world, with the addition of a number of specific conditions for this tournament.

A simple point scoring system has been adopted for the group stage, which excludes the use of bonus points. Games that cannot be finished on the first day will continue on the reserve days allocated for all matches, and the decision to reduce overs because of weather interruptions will only apply to the reserve day.

Particular points of interest are:

**Points scoring: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie or no result, 0 points for a loss. If runs are equal in both innings the result is a tie; no account will be taken of the number of wickets lost. There will be no bonus point system used in the ICC Champions Trophy

**If teams are equal on points and wins, net run rate will be the next criterion for deciding which team is positioned higher at the end of the group stage, rather than based on who beat who

**Reserve days: all group stage and finals matches will have a reserve day provision against bad weather. Any match interrupted by weather on the first day will continue on the reserve day (unlike the ICC Champions Trophy 2002 where a new match was started if no result was reached on the first day)

**The Duckworth/Lewis system will be used to determine revised targets in the event of weather affected or reduced overs matches. A reduction in overs will only take place on the reserve day

**Weather interrupted matches: a minimum of 20 overs per side must be completed to constitute a match. This is a new Playing Condition which reduces the minimum number of overs from the previous requirement of 25 overs per side. A bowler will be allowed to deliver a maximum of one fifth of the innings total, ie 4 overs in a 20 overs match.

**Additional crease markings will be incorporated and used by umpires as a guideline to call wide deliveries on the off side (this is already standard practice for overseas series and tournaments)

**Hours of play: All ICC Champions Trophy matches will be played as day games, beginning at 10.15 with a scheduled finishing time of 18.00 hours. 20 minutes extra time can be played on the first day

David Richardson, ICC General Manager-Cricket said: "These Playing Conditions are consistent with those used in most One Day International cricket, but with the agreement of participating countries we have made a number of changes to reflect the particular circumstances of this tournament. For example, the provision of reserve days will provide the best opportunity of completing all matches, which is particularly important in a short format event like this.

"By deciding against the use of bonus points there is clarity in the points scoring system, while the new benchmark of 20 overs as the minimum number to constitute a match has already been trialled in England this summer. It will also be adopted for all ODI cricket around the world after the ICC Champions Trophy," added Mr Richardson.

Happy Watching :wink:

09-09-2004, 06:20 PM
All the expats play cricket Bleu.. :ahha: No Yanks yet..

By the way, just where is this rose bowl?!! The only Rose Bowl I know is right next door.. The finest foot ball stadium in SoCAL and 'ofcourse' USA.. :wink:

Gotta watch for Pathan & Schewag, huh? Hopefully the Indian Selectors will include their name in the final 11... :sm12: :sm12: Strange are their doings.. :P



09-09-2004, 06:29 PM
Rose Bowl is in Southampton...tht's the southern coast of England (English Channel)

:00: really ...they might not even make the team? :evil: somebody should tell the loony at www.cricket365.com :Ksp:

09-09-2004, 06:32 PM
Rose Bowl is in Southampton...tht's the southern coast of England (English Channel)

:00: really ...they might not even make the team? :evil: somebody should tell the loony at www.cricket365.com :Ksp:

All copy cats in Southampton.. :ahha:

rr... the comment about indian selection is a general lament about their ways bleu.. not to do with this particular tournament. trust cric365.. they are better informed than the basket-(ball)-cases here.. :wink:


09-09-2004, 09:30 PM
Indians are like tigers they take a step back to attack....Blue see the indian team ...they were bit rusty in last couple of matches once they settle .....God only knows...

Ganguly ---only after god can hit any good length ball in half side and in particular between fielders....
Sehwag-Sachin clone..
Dravid-Formidable Wall
Kaif-Rediscovered Jadeja..
Yuvi-will pick singles and hits boundaries when needed....
karthick- chance for this chennai guy to proove his talent...
Lets hope india makes to final and win the cup...no other team except india has been to all the finals of ICC champions trophy.(2000,2002)

09-10-2004, 05:30 PM
gr8 katteri. happy to see some people rooting for india. India will do really well this time! They reached the finals last two times and missed lifting the trophy. This time, they will do lift it!

09-10-2004, 06:05 PM
Didn't India and Sri Lanka lift the Trophy together in 2002 :wink:

Balaji is out it seems due to medical problems... Anyway I'm sure they'll do well this time...like tigers :ahha:

checked out team USA...you're so right..it's really expats ... :think: I guess the yanks just haven't figured out how to play cricket yet :sm12:

Well Zimbabwe v England ...was delayed due to rain...and they did begin in the end...with Zimb fielding

thank goodness they have reserved days for each game...'cause it's bound to pour down :lol:

When rain stopped play, England had reached 198-5 with only 12 overs left.

The key to Zimbabwe's recovery will be through their fielding.

This is what their team realised when they first came into international cricket.

Aware that they would struggle to compete on equal terms with bat and ball, outstanding fielding is the answer.


NZ 347-4 (50 overs) beat USA 137 all out (42.4 overs) by 210 runs.

09-11-2004, 05:41 PM
India 290-4 defeated kenya 192-7.

If India has tasted the victory the whole credit goes to Captain sourav Ganguly.Thou his knock came againts a minnows, the innings were calcuated. Dada started slowly and paced his innings extremely well.
Thanx to some fine hits by Dravid and Kaif at the end of the innings.I still wonder y india picks Agarkar after every batsman hits him to the fence....

Mathew hayden did u watched the match its u who said subcontinet players are selfish.Had dada was interested in his personal milestones he wud have got another centruy , but he perished trying to boost the run rate...

Well done captain.. u played a captain knock in the last 2 games ..its Time for sehwag and yuvi for a wake up call.Hopefully sehwag wud hit his form against Pakis...

09-30-2004, 10:59 PM
sorry peeps I know it's really late. :sm03: :sm03: :sm03:

and congratulations to the WEST INDIES :clap: :clap: :clap:

10/09 England beat Zimbabwe by 152 runs

10/09 New Zealand beat USA by 210 runs

11/09 India beat Kenya by 98 runs

12/09 South Africa beat Bangladesh by nine wickets

13/09 Australia beat USA by nine wickets

14/09 Sri Lanka beat Zimbabwe by four wickets

15/09 Pakistan beat Kenya by seven wickets

15/09 West Indies beat Bangladesh by 138 runs

16/09 Australia beat New Zealand by seven wickets

17/09 England beat Sri Lanka by 49 runs (D/L method)

18/09 West Indies beat South Africa by five wickets

19/09 Pakistan beat India by three wickets


SF1: England beat Australia by six wickets

SF2: West Indies beat Pakistan by seven wickets

Final: England v West Indies, The Oval
West Indies beat England by two wickets

well I don't know I couldn't have predicted this one :think: ...

09-30-2004, 11:04 PM
Thanks, Blue.. :)

Could you also update us about the last world cup.. :ahha: :P :P :P (sorry.. thats meeeaan.. :oops: but you gotta admit.. its also cuuutee.. :ee: )..


09-30-2004, 11:14 PM
d@@@@@@@@@@ at vasan :snooty:

:sm12: okie sorry my fault :sm03:

it's cricket ...not football after all :ahha:

10-01-2004, 02:39 AM
well I don't know I couldn't have predicted this one

No one had predicted W.Indies.. Infact both the finalists were not expected to make... One day Cricket is different...

Cricket rocks forever..