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09-13-2004, 02:43 PM
"Ayyer IPS", a new film which is directed by TV serial famous Arirajan, an exclusive preview of the film...

Arirajan, who is famous for his TV mega serials, is directing a new movie with Sathyaraj starring in a dual role.
The movie is named "Ayyer IPS". When asked about the name of the film, Arirajan said that "Ayyer" is a community of people who are passive by nature. But in this film, Sathya Raj stars as an IPS officer who had come from a "Iyyer" community and yet, is active and rational in his behavior towards bad guys.

The dual part of Sathya Raj stars as the villain of the film. A "Dada" who enjoys himself between lots of macho body guars and beautiful girls. And his role is to oppose the Sathya Raj who is the IPS officer.

The duel between the two is the story of the film, says Arirajan. He says, that unlike usual Tamil films where there will be a relation between characters in the dual role, in this film there is no relationship between these two characters; the IPS and the "dada".

Another thing is that this film will not be having Sathyaraj's usual humorous political dialogues.

The film expected on screens by October.

Source: Behindwoods