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09-30-2004, 08:25 PM
Recently I read an article in Junior Vikatan(03 Oct 2004 issue) where Tanjavur Landlords are trying to bring Machinery for sowing (நாற்று நடுதல்) and harvesting (அறுவடை செய்தல்) by not giving jobs to poor farmers.

09-30-2004, 09:04 PM
Recently I read an article in Junior Vikatan(03 Oct 2004 issue) where Tanjavur Landlords are trying to bring Machinery for sowing (நாற்று நடுதல்) and harvesting (அறுவடை செய்தல்) by not giving jobs to poor farmers.
Bcos landlords are no more rich and they simply cant afford for manpower due to high wages.
When cauvery water is flowing there was no problem, for the last 2 years there was no proper agriculture. I havent seen thanjai like this in my last decade and many of the people have nt faced this.
An industrialist can make an employee redundant or give VRS, the same situation apply to landlord....
These media makes too much attention towards these actions

09-30-2004, 10:36 PM
I guess it's called mechanisation of agriculture. Isn't it inevitable anyway?
did you truly think that India would remain a land of manual farms? :think:
Europe has gone through this process ...I guess eventually India too will be fully mechanised... The farm hands will then migrate and find jobs perhaps in different industries?

And now due to the severe drought, the rate of suicide among farmers has increased. The problem is even greater in the state of Andra Pradesh.


I don't think that just because rich landlords stop using machines that poor farm hands will retain their jobs...the land and the climate must be favourable for growth before it even makes any difference, don't you agree?

09-30-2004, 11:12 PM
economics is too involved.. :(

The farm hands are cheap. But not totally reliable. Two years you run with out any sort of farming, how can the farm hands survive.. and when you return to farming where do you find these people?

Mechanization is not the most straightfoward thing, as in the west - because of our overwhelming population. Whatever balance is reached, not every one is going to be happy..

Sad v-

09-30-2004, 11:21 PM
If there is no farming jobs for 2 years ..they're not going to hang around waiting...they would have by now joined the service industry...and then when farming conditions improve...well mechainsation would be the only possibility......right?

If you want ppl to keep working the land then there must be more help from the government for those struggling farms....I don't think the gov of India would able to provide subsidaries for all its farmers like the EU ...it's unthinkable ...

09-30-2004, 11:34 PM
thats the problem, Blue..

They join some service, but not one of them is standard or can accommodate every one.. Moreover, its the women folk (at least in TN) who lose tremendously, because of much of this labor is theirs..

If there is sustainable number of jobs, for these women and men, to be employed year around, that is non-skilled labor, then mechanization is straightforward... Its when such a thing doesn't really exist, and people are struggling scrapping around for jobs, and would gladly take up farming, then mechanization is not ok.. (for them, not on the basis of economics!)..

Tell you an example.. So I was interning in one of this high-tech govt place.. top science ok?.. And just inside this ultra high security complex (inside another high security), there is a nice stretch of lawn.. You know how they trim it? 40 or so men and women, swinging sharpened blades.. The dep.director (for whom I was working), and I was rushing to do some stuff, and we paused for sec at the irony..

What he said was, he can get a motorized lawn mover, and be done with in like 10 mins. One form to sign. But thats a job lost for 40 people.. So, at least for some time to come, the high tech and super security has to coexist with such menial labor..

Farming situation is so much like it.. and worse because of the unpredictable weather.. And my fav. culprit in all these things is the number of people.. !!

No solution exists, really.. Only compromises, and hard feelings for every one.. :(


09-30-2004, 11:47 PM
:think: I do understand ...but you see if they do say become maids or gardners for those 2 years will those farm hands return if the situation in the countryside improves?

If I was a farm hand...I woudln't want to return...even if I lost my temp job in the city...I would rather look for another one...than risk going back and starvation again....

It's also creating a migratory population isn't it...

well like you said there is no solution....just like most of the world's problem...

I doubt rain dances and spells really work :(
and the population...well introducing draconian rules and laws like they did in China is inhuman...

so ...back to life sucks....

but couldn't the gov try to provide skill training?
or even ask private companies to subsidise those training courses?

arghh give up....

10-01-2004, 02:26 AM
Protectionism or Capitalism!!!!

I wud again support the capitalist principle.. Given the fact that free trade is to enter anytime, we need to produce everything in the most optimized way... This way, we wud keep the ourself more competitive and will generate more jobs.. More u sustain in the race, more benefits to the ppl around u...

Even if we start mordenizing tmow, entire mordernization will not happen in 2 weeks.. It will take 10 years for that to be mordernized... During this period, new avenues wud defiitively open up...

10-01-2004, 07:23 AM
Didn't we discuss this sometime back? India is a manpower intensive country. It is a wise approach to make use of that resource, rather than just looking at profit margins.