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10-14-2004, 04:58 PM
"This film is going to make an impact like 'Sivappu Rojakkal..' only twice as much.. thus commends Iyakkunar Imayam' Bharathiraja.

Lets analyze whether BharathiRaja's comment is justified

Sneha, who lost vision in both the eyes is a Violin artist. Because of her Blindness, she encounters many problems. She regains her vision after an eye transplant operation.

Just after successful operation, the Doctor in the presence of others, wanted to test her vision, and asks her how many people are there in the room. For this, Sneha, answers 4, but actually there are only 3 persons in the room. This makes Doctor and her mother Charanya only confused and they insist that Sneha should try harder and come out with the correct number. But Sneha insists that she sees 4 persons. Here the audience, get to see the 'fourth' person which creates a 'Chilling' effect.

The Doctor, says that this is just a mental confusion of Sneha and refuse to believe her version. But 'Adhu' repeatedly shows itself to Sneha again and again. 'It' follows Sneha wherever she goes.

The viewers also shares the feelings of Confusion and terror of Sneha about 'Adhu'. Only after interval we get to know about 'Adhu'. But what happens to Sneha in the end is the climax of the movie.

Psychiatrist, House maid with menacing stare, these character do remained the viewers of the film 'Shock' in first half. But the story line and different incidents comes as relief and also make us believe that, this is new.

Just after few minutes into the movie, and you get the real terrifying taste of Yuvan Shankar Raja's music.

The terror and fear, gets into the mind of the viewers and makes them sit tight in their seats, terrified.

"Adhu" threatens Sneha in the presence of her mother. She could not even give vent to her fear by shouting, her eyes does it for her. Again 'Adhu' confronts her in a lift. When she is alone. Again in her bedroom, 'Adhu'. Just sits 'bent legged'. Sneha, realizing this, with gripping fear and sweating face, she asks, who.. who.. are you? She screams but didn't dare to get near to 'Adhu' Sneha is in her elements and exceeds in these scenes. One should really appreciate her performance.

It is really a solace to note that, the director didn't attempt to apply weird make up to 'Angelic beauty' citing 'ghost oriented' subject as reason.

Veteran artiste Shunmugarajan, who acted in Virumandi in a character called 'Peikaman', have acted as PeiKavalan (Only in flash back Scenes).

He is a very good actor. But not getting too many chances. His make-up in this film include long hair and longer beard. But his role is very small.

Suha, who is the 'ghost' in the film is not up to the mark. Apart from these actors, Abbas, Charanya, Kazan Khan, Vijayan are all showing their faces in one or two scenes.

The Hero Aravind, the doctor, in the pretext of treating her, also tries to get into her heart. By god's grace, there is no duet with Aravind.

If the Sneha is the heroine of this film, The real 'Hero is Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja. If the viewers are getting jitters, It is only due to the terrifying music scored by him. Added to this, the lighting effect of P.Selvakumar, helped to increase the heart beat.

One is surprised to know that Balakumar have penned the dialogues in this film. The viewers are equally baffled about the fact. Why 'Adhu' wanted to terrify Sneha because its real intention is to do some good things to society! Only 'Ghost' could answer this.

Despite the fact that this is a 'Ghost' story, "One has to appreciate the Director Ramesh Krishna for his attempt to explain the dangers of Industrial wastes and how it affects the society.

"Adhu" will definitely instill feat and terror in the minds of viewers

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10-14-2004, 09:26 PM
i have lot of expectations for this movie since it features my second favorite, sneha.. nice to see it's good