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10-17-2004, 10:03 PM
Straight off the bat, Selvaraghavan’s 7-G Rainbow Colony is a well-crafted movie which will stay in our hearts for a long, long time. Undoubtedly the film belongs to Sonia Agarwal. She is self assured and blends into the character which has been well-etched out by the director.
Wonder why film makers love to recycle their earlier hits? So if you are looking for the same energy as Kathal Kondein then you may be slightly disappointed. But having said that, 7-G Rainbow Colony has more sentiments and human quality which will make it enjoyable.

So enter the life of Kadhir (Ravi Krishnan), who like the protagonist of Kathal Kondein is from a lower middle class, frustrated young man who is obsessively in love with his neighbour Anitha (Sonia), a Punjabi girl. The chic and sophisticated Anita looks down upon him and cannot stand “the creep” and frequently calls him a “porikki”.

Kadhir is the boy-next-door who yearns to hop out of his mundane existence. He hates his father (Vijayan) who he thinks is a dictator and sees him as his biggest enemy who has no good word for him. He hates studies and flunks in all subjects and has no particular interest or passion other than loafing, smoking and drinking with his friends on his terrace and causing trouble for others.

Added to that, Kadhir has a king-sized inferiority complex as he gets obsessed with Anitha who spurs his overtures. He is not exactly a nice guy to know but like thousands of youngsters in that age group from the lower middle class, he is a great survivor. His love and admiration for Anitha is blind and contrived. He is willing to spend his entire time for her, listen to her harsh words or even get slapped with her chappals!

Anitha on the other hand is a smart and determined girl who wants to make it big in life but somewhere down she feels sorry and tries to help Kadhir come out of his problems- to continue his studies, by discovering his hidden talents, by motivating him to come up in life, show respect to his father and last but not the least help him to become a man.

Selvaraghavan has tried to be realistic as far as possible within the cinematic format. He has worked on his characters so well that you forget that they are stars and you can identify with them so easily, something very rare in Tamil films these days. The soothing background score and music of Yuvan is an added advantage for the film. The lighting, camera and close-up shots of cameraman Aravind is top-class.

Ravi Krishnan for a newcomer is impressive as he is able to bring out the angst and lack of self confidence in Kadhir. His constant breakdowns, instant smiles and his nonchalant terror tactics are great to watch. However the film is unthinkable without Sonia Agarwal as Anitha. Watch her lips dry up in emotional scenes, her anguish and despair when constantly harassed by Kadhir and her outburst in the washroom when she confesses her love to motivate him.

Another scene stealer is Suman Shetty as Lakshmi with his earthy and outrageous comedy and Vijayan as the father of Kadhir. On the down side the film is too lengthy and needs trimming especially the first half when the Independence Day celebrations and Karvachowth Vrath are shown in detail. The scene where the lovers go with Manorama to a hill station is unbelievable.

Unlike other contemporary film makers running after superstars and making formula films, Selvaraghavan pushes the cinematic envelope and brings savvy freshness to the form, hitherto unexplored.

Verdict: Very Good

10-21-2004, 11:44 PM
7G Rainbow colony

Director Selvaraghavan is new found rare treasure to Tamil Cinema. While mentioning this, there is not even least bit of hesitation, because it is a very true statement. "This film is about two heardended hearts" this is the 'ad' line of this film.Only after seeing the movie, we could realize the story is such that, it could make the hearty of viewers 'heavy' with emotions!

Kathir, who is living in an apartment is a rough, tough and wayward character. In the same apartment, a north Indian family with a wealthy past but now trying hard to keep things going, coming there to live. Kathir, did many things casually and playfully till one particular moment, in which the experiences the feel of her body against him. From that moment, he started loving her. We have to appreciate the novel ways, Director Selvaraghavan presents, as the moment in which love is born and created. (The way just a baotle of beer makes Kathir to dream is surely belongs to that age group)

Kathir, follows Anitha with full of love for her, but she is encaged to the son of the person who helps her family. Meanwhile, Kathir expresses his love in an most inappropriate time and earning the wrath and hatred of Anitha in the process. But after some time, he himself realize that he may not be right person for Anitha. At the same time, he tells her that "he don't mind about the fact that she didn't love her, but, she should not marry the person, with whom she was already engaged". Here comes Interval!

Selvaraghavan handling of scenes about the happenings in colony are very nice and engaging. It makes the viewers to feel as a resident of that colony.

Kathir and his friends enjoying themselves and their pranks, and the festive scenes and the way Kathir getting in the way of Anitha, and "got snubbed by her are picturised in a natural manner by the director. Up to some point Kathir persists with his love, and then retreats, but insists that they be friends. Then again the love resurfaces. When she objects to it and threaten that she will not even see him; then he immediately relents and assure her that they will be friends only. These scenes and refreshingly interesting.

Anitha tries hard (with love in heart) to change, the good-for-nothing Kathir into somebody useful. She finds out his talent and gets him a job suitable to him. To achieve this, she handles Kathir in a way that nobody would expect.

Sonia Agarwal plays her part very neatly and deserves to be commended. It may be in the first half of the movie. Where in she suffers because his activities and after that, the way she develops a pity on him… a very matured portrayed of emotions.

All these all shown in flash-back.. only adds strength to the story. After Director Selvaraghavan, next in the line of appreciation is the music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja. In the scenes where Kathir is slowly affected by love….his sufferings…, after he understands her. Yuvan enhanced the poetic nature of these scenes. Na Muthukumar's songs in Yuvan Shankar's Music are simply fantastic, "Kana Kannum".. 'Kan pesum Vaarthai'.. 'Ninaithu Ninaithu'.. 'Idhu Porkalama' one cannot get enough of this enchanting experience.

Aravind Krishna is another fine dimension added to this film. Few scenes are deserved to be mentioned as examples. Climax scene, in showing Agarwal's beauty, every time Kathir's meeting with Sonia (Through the window…, Seeing her even while drawing something etc..,) During song sequences in rain "kan pesum"..the list is endless. His work is pleasant experience through out the movie.

Despite all the good things in the movie, there are few sore points also. One is Chreograph it lacks depth and not up to the expected level. Another things- is the theme of the story which can be equated to 'Kadal Kondane' in other words, it is also another story where the girl helps the boy to recognize his own talents and come up in life.

"7G Rainbow Colony" a place where everybody should live and got the experience themselves.

10-21-2004, 11:52 PM
thamizh and krishng,

Could you also quote the sources of your reviews? Both say the movie is too good... :P :P

Woww.. good for Selvaragavan.. :b:

BTW, when can we.. you know.. get to see it... :wink: :P :P


10-22-2004, 03:12 AM
The movie is good..but I would not say it was excellent like kadal kondaen.. In my standards.. if a movie still lingers in my mind even after 2 days after watching the movie, its a good one.. This movie lasted for a day atleast.. so I would call it a good one.

The plus point of the movie is ..it is very realistic even that controversial manorama scene.. Anyone can relate to the movie.. atleast one thing would have happened in their life.. Like a girl snubbing a low class boy who is after her.. more to come after some people state their opinion..

10-22-2004, 04:08 AM
Oh.. Wow.. Hello Honeyarjun, nice to meet ya again.. :P :P How are you??

rr.. about the movie.. :Ksp: Did you already see it? Whoa.. Thats cool.. To hear our comments though, you might have to wait a little while (until krishng shows some mercy.. :P :P)..

your comments makes me wanna watch it.. :P Thanks !!


10-22-2004, 10:45 PM
Hi Vasan.... Thanks for remembering me.... :cool: Hope you guys get to watch the movie soon..

10-22-2004, 11:18 PM
Hi Honeyarjun,

How are u? Long time no see !! Hope everything is great out there :)

Welcome back :)

mm.. Neenga solrathai partha.. pakalaam intha padathai i guess :)


10-22-2004, 11:19 PM
i wanna see this movie... gteam pls upload this movie.... thank you

10-25-2004, 02:10 PM
Hi There, shy !!! I was a bit busy and couldnt find time to visit geetahm regularly for the past few months.. I sure missed you guys..
About this movie.. Its a good one but not excellent.. sure we can watch it atleast once.

10-25-2004, 10:03 PM
Hi Honey arjun,
Nice to see u back !!...inime geetham health section nalla pogum :)

11-15-2004, 04:52 PM
Well. This movie is a cool one. Nice music. But there is no good message. Since 2-3 years there were many movies which gives message that Love is not life. In case if ur love fails, still u can achive in some other activities... But this movie :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp:

11-15-2004, 09:47 PM
nice movie.. very touchy... like i mentioned in another topic... "i hate to love this movie"

Since 2-3 years there were many movies which gives message that Love is not life. In case if ur love fails, still u can achive in some other activities... But this movie

are we talking about the same movie???? i thought he did achive something in life.. after she passed away:S...

11-20-2004, 12:34 PM
hi guyz i am new to geethams..talking bout the movie Honeyarjun.. i rate it xlent.. like u said if a movie still lingers in my mind even after 2 days after watching the movie, its a good one...even i feel the same & the movie lasted for 4 days .. i loved it i say it 2times in just 2days...& the music is xlent.. actually i am from hyderabad i saw it in telugu..i donno tamil but listen to lot of tamil songs..bye....

01-03-2005, 02:55 AM
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