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09-16-2003, 07:50 PM
Arivazhagan (Sathyaraj) is a young man (?), who dreams to marry a well-educated working girl. But his grandparents (Senthil, Vadivukarasi) get him married to Easwari (Meena) and later he realises that his wife is an illiterate! After much persuasion, he decides to live with Easwari on condition that they will have a child only after a couple of years. However in spite of all precautions Easwari becomes pregnant.

Arivazhagan is angry and along with Palani (Vadivelu), a colleague he decides to teach Easwari and his grandparents a lesson. Palani, who lives in a slum along with his wife Govindammal (Kalpana) and five children, takes Arivazhagan to Mantra (Mantra) a prostitute. Then the story shifts to Ooty where the friends go in search of Mantra with Easwari and Govindammal following them. The rest of the film is how the women try to get back their husbands.

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09-16-2003, 09:41 PM
Padam Nalla Irukka Illiya?
Atha sollunga mothalle...
Satyarajoda nadippu eppadi?
Satyaraj + Gounda Mani Lollu eppadi?
Oooti scenes eppadi?