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11-04-2004, 10:29 PM
Diwali reminds me of schooldays when I was at the boarding school. We had so much of fun, friends getting together, bursting crackers, getting punished and so on. Those were the days. Even while at college I had a great time with friends during Diwali time. We used to go out for films, burst crackers and eat a lot of sweets. Well now also I love doing all these. I try to be with my family and have a great time with my children.
Diwali is one of my favourite festivals. It is the festival of lights and I love lighting 'diyas' all over my house. A lot of tempting sweets and friends dropping in are the highlights of the day. I also make sure to visit elders and friends. A fun time indeed.

In Trichur, my home town we celebrate Diwali with neighbours and friends. It is a festival bluring boundaries of religion and economic background. A lot of children from neighbourhood come together and we all burst a lot of crackers. Though my parents were scared we used to convince them and have a great time. I used to dress in my best clothes and also catch up with programmes on Television.

I had spent most of my younger days in Dubai where it was soundless Diwali's. Personally I feel that Diwali has to be celebrated with light and sound. We used to visit friends and relatives and wear new clothes. I never miss buying something new for this Diwali too like clothes, jewelry etc.

Diwali means crackers and sweets to me. Going to temple with family, having a great lunch, fun with friends with whom I go out and catching up with latest movies are the programme for the day. Despite factors like monsoon, pollution and reports of child labour, Diwali continues to be celebrated with increasing passion.

Jeyam Ravi
Bursting crackers is still one of my favourite amusements for Diwali. When I was in school, during Diwali, I literally burnt the sofa and chairs in my house and the fireworks were from my mother.


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