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11-04-2004, 10:30 PM
GJ combines after the success of Chellamay is back with Vijaykanth in Niranja Manasu. Remember that Vijaykanth became a major star in 80’s and early 90’s with village based films like Chinna Gounder and Poonthotta Kavalkaran which were super hits. The actor has always been identified in such roles where he is comfortable wearing a `dhothi` and a `thundu` on his shoulder.
In Niranja Manasu, he plays the role of a villager in Suryakudi a remote hamlet near Madurai and has a twirled moustache and wears white shirt and dhothi. A do-gooder in the village, Vijaykanth plays `Ayyanar` who is the head of a large family. The village gets no government help as it is more famous as a place where thieves reside. At the time of his father’s death, Ayyanar makes a promise that he will reform the entire village of its tarnished image.

But he faces opposition from his own family members as his nephew Sampath Kumar and other villagers like Mansoor Ali Khan and Adityan want them to continue with the same profession. How Ayyanar with the help of his lovely niece Erulai (Susan) goes about reforming the village and its people forms the rest of the story. The film was shot entirely in a village near Udumalpet. An Ayyanar temple was built for the film.

The film is directed by Samudrakani who had made an impressive debut with Unnai Saranamadanthen. (Susan, a girl from Hyderabad is Vijaykanth’s lover and Mahima is another heroine. Says Samudrakani: “The basic problem with Tamil cinema is that they have become more city-centric. This film will take the audience back to the villages as the story is laced with sentiments, humour, twists and melodious music by Kartik Raja".

The cast includes Vinu Chakravarthi, Manorama, Nasser, Senthil, Ilavarasu and Venkat Prabhu. Cinematography is by Pratap, editing is by Anil Malnat, stunts by Rakki Rajesh, art direction by Pugazh, music is scored by Karthik Raja, choreography by Kala, Shivashanker and D. K. S. Babu and lyrics are penned by Kalai Kumar and Muthukumar. For Vijaykanth, Niranja Manasu is crucial as his last films have not been successful at the box-office.