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11-13-2004, 02:55 PM
At last Simbu had won in the race with Danush through his movie “Manmadhan”. At the same time, he also joined in the list of heroes who had acted in Anti-Hero characters.

Simbu who is running an auditing office is in fact a playboy. He successfully cheats lots of women. Meanwhile, he got the friendship of Jothika and this friendship develops in to love. There are many complaints lodged in police station by the parents of girls, who were reported to be absconding. At the same time, Jothika happens to see Simbu in the company of another girl and felt cheated. But she came to know later that the same girl was found missing. Since she remembers having seen the girl with Simbu, she reports about this to the police. Based on this Simbu was arrested by the police. But in the court Simbu was able to convince the judge that the person in question was his younger brother who got cheated by his lover and had turned in to Maniac. He was the one who is responsible for the killings. The court believes him and acquits him. But through a separate scene at the end this version is proved wrong and the film comes to an end. This is the story of “Manmadhan”.

The beginning scene itself is fascinating. The director Muruhan should be appreciated for this. The film starts with a scene in which Simbu cries on the shoulders of Psychiatrist Manthra Bedi about his love failure, and in the process makes her ‘fall’ for his chance. He just excels in the role of a playboy. Likewise, in the role of younger brother also he makes his presence felt. In the scenes where he breaks down near the body of his lover, whom he had killed just then, after crying for sometime, suddenly he changes his tone and tenor and says, “why should I cry, she committed a mistake and I had to kill her”…. This only shows that he had improved a lot. In the role of innocent younger brother, he acts with ease.

The introduction of Jothika in this film was done very differently. She had a frightening dream in which a complete stranger (Simbu) rapes her. Even after waking up the fear lingers on…She sees the same person in real life on the day itself. She got very much afraid and hides from him. This comedy like situation is taken well. After a long time we see Goundamani in this film. But he didn’t have much space in this movie. Sindhu Tholani is acting as a lover who cheats the younger Simbu. This is rather a small and also negative role for Tholani who had acted with Danush as his heroine. Nobody knows while she had accepted this role at all in the first place.

Though this movie is a copy of the films like “Sigappu Rojakkal” and “Manmadha Leelai”, we can realize the efforts that had gone into the screenplay to make it different. The film’s richness is a tribute to the producer. The director Muruhan had used ultra modern equipments and technology in this film efficiently.

The way Simbu deliberately goes to the police and introducing himself as Manmadhan sans logic. The different type of ending is mentionable here. Usually, in these type of movies the person will either be shown as arrested or dead. But in this movie he is shown as continuing in the same vein.

The scriptwriter Balakumaran though very much aged had written dialogues in tune with youngsters today. ‘Kanal’ Kannan’s stunt acts are ‘over kills’. In the music of Yuvan shankar Raja, the songs ‘Thathai Thathai’ and ‘Kadhal valarthen’ songs are of hit songs type. The choreographers Brindha and Kalyan had done a good job in the songs, “Thathai”, “ABCD Maradhupochu”, “En Asai Maithiliye”. Rajasekar’s camera work is superb.

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so first time in his carrer, simbu gave hit movie & 1st that he won the race with Dhanush? lol