View Full Version : Email Scam Taking Advantage of Tsunami Disaster

01-18-2005, 06:05 PM
If you get an email pleading for donations to help victims of last month’s tsunami in southern Asia, beware. It is quite possible that this email contains a worm that will invade your email address book and infect everyone you know.

The email, which has the subject line “Tsunami Donation! Please Help!” contains an attachment (tsunami.exe.) The text reads, “Please help us with your donation and view the attachment below! We need you!” Once the attachment is opened, not only will this virus be spread, it will also initiate a denial of service attack aimed at a hacking website based in Germany.

The virus, named W32/VBSun-A worm, is not the only scam being reported in the aftermath of this disaster. Another worm circulated last month in the guise of a warning that this event was a punishment from God. Other emails have been circulating including one originating in Nigeria asking for donations to a Singapore charity, and another allegedly from a fisherman in Sri Lanka pleading for money to be sent to the Netherlands so that he can buy fishing boats.

Be wary of anyone asking for money unless they represent an established agency. The American Red Cross is still in need of funding and donations can be made to a local chapter to ensure that the money will go towards helping those in need.

D.R. Boyer

01-19-2005, 01:15 AM
cha, people yaethula ellam play panraanga :evil:

Thanks much for the info m31