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02-26-2005, 02:39 AM
Marc Stein's Trade Scorecard
By Marc Stein, ESPN.com

Surely you're wondering what happened...........

The following is a breakdown of the 11 deals that went down in the final 24 hours before Thursday's trading deadline

Stein's comments here: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=1998928


Warriors: (acquire) F. Baron Davis F Nikoloz Tskitishviliz, F Rodney White
Hornets (acquire) C/F Dale Davis, G Speedy Claxton F Glenn Robinson

Sixers (acquire) F Jamal Mashburn, F Rodney Rogers, F Chris Webber, F Matt Barnes, F Michale Bradley

Mavs (acquire) F Keith Van Horn

Bucks (acquire) C Calvin Booth, F/C Alan Henderson, G Reece Gaines (Rockets 2nd round picks for '06, and '07)

Rockets (acquire) G Mike James C Zendon Hamilton, F Vin Baker, G Moochie Norris, '06 2nd round pick from Knicks

Knicks F Maurice Taylor, F Malik Rose and 2 first round picks

Spurs C Nazr Mohammed G Jamison Brewer

Celts F Antoine Walker, First round pick

Hawks G Gary Payton, C Michael Stewart, F Tom Gugliotta, First round pick of Celts

Cavs G Jiri Welsch

Nuggets F Eduardo Najera G Luis Flores, Future no. 1 pick

Bobcats F Malik Allen

Heat G/F Steve Smith (also added Mo few days before the deadline.. )

Kings F Brian Skinner, F Kenny Thomas, F Corliss Willamson

02-26-2005, 02:50 AM
Two questions and one surprise...

Questions first:

1) Can CWebb and AI survive together?!!! Will Philly benefit? Who will play sidekick to who?

2) Is this the end of Kings? They did well, despite CWebb being absent due to injury last season... Its Peja's turn to prove...

Sidekick questions...

1) Is the West really a power house anymore? Sure there are Spurs.. but... :think: :think:
2) Is Mo and Smith addition gonna help Miami reach the next level? Those crushing last minute failures..? Can the close it up?


Nearly everyone reported that Devean George, Lamar Odom, and even Vlade Divac is going to be traded, and Lakers are going to acquire Carlos Boozer.. Supposed to be one solid deal, but one day it was a huge news, and then it fizzled out as quickly as it started - quite unlike our Santa Ana winds.. :ahha:

What happened?? What heck are the Lakers upto? Right now, they can barely make it to play offs, but then.. kings are dead, so are the Wolves.. who knows whats going to happen in the west..

SURPRISE SURPRISE.. Wolves didn't do anything either.. ? Stupid or do they have some gameplan?? From the looks of it, I would say STUPID>>> :ahha:

Can't wait to see the silly kings now.. :P :P I wish philly does pull up.. :b: Would be nice to have Heat, Philly and Pistons as surefire playoff contenders..