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09-23-2003, 03:39 AM
I composed this mail to my beloved One&Only princess. The people
passing through this mail are considered as my faithful friends, who will elate me to reach my love through their uncomparable endeavors. Go ahead...

DEAR FAIR and LOVELY(Ek chandh Ka tukda)..

Never I felt something down deep inside, until I met you. You are my
AIWA (pure passion) and Trigger (My Passion). Out of all the gals I came
across, you are SANSUI (better than the best). Obviously you are my TVS SCOOTY (first love). I feel PARX (always comfortable) when u r with me.

The word "LOVE" may be CHICKLETS (The funny language going around the world), but My Love is COLGATE ENERGY GEL (seriously fresh), it is not at all SATYAMONLINE (fun fast easy). Only through you, I understood LOVE is the DAIRY MILK (real taste of life).

Seeing my feelings my FRIENDS say that if "MERRY BROWN (You ring we
bring) her". 'Coz they are keen in NOKIA (connecting people). Though your mind is CEAT (born tough) and KAWASAKI BAJAJCALIBER (the unshakable), I'm sure one day we will be WILLS (made for each other). We never talked but HYUNDAI (we are listening) to each other. The fact that I can understand your face is Domino's PIZZA (delivering a million smiles) whenever u see me, has given me nothing but RADIANT (ray of hope).

I believed COCA COLA (jo chahe ho jaye). It aids me to take even
serious matters as KELVINATORS (the coolest ones) .So I myself concluded as "COCA COLA (life ho to aisye!)". But fortunately your Love APTECH (changes lives). I'm sure MAHINDRA SCORPIO (Nothing else will do) mend my heart except YOUR LOVE. Do trust my affection, it is BPL (believe in the best).

Please Hold my hand, PHILLIPS (let's make things better) Even if u love me, I am not RAYMONDS (The Complete Man) if u say AIRTEL (Touch tomorrow), promise I will BRYLCREAM (Be in control). Hope after reading this mail u will say AIR CELL (ini thadai yethum illai) for our LOVE.

NO ONE in this world could take your place! Please!!!!.

PEPSI (yeh dil mange more)...

LG (digitally yours)

09-23-2003, 03:50 AM
I remember this was coming through a email chain and in some i saw a reply too. Just post the reply also

09-23-2003, 09:41 PM
One old kural,

" Cut and paste seithu vaazhvaare vaazhvaar matravar elaam
type adithu adithe saavaar. "

sorry... suddenly i remembered this kural :D :lol: :wink: :P