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04-01-2005, 05:27 PM
Hi All,

The immigration Attorneys have confirmed that the state department has finalized H4 pre-approval process.


The American Institute for Immigrant studies, AIIS, had earlier reported that the Immigrants coming on H1 Visas had difficulty in getting marriage proposals in India. The statistics showed that the prospect of getting married decreases after the third year of arrival. More than 70% of Unmarried Immigrants fall into this category.

The AIIS collaborated with Indian Institute for Social and Economics, IISAC to study in depth the root cause for this high ratio of unmarried immigrants. The studies revealed the glaring facts that the prospective brides/grooms in India give second preference to US based immigrants.

The Problem was identified to the way the current process works. The Immigrant has to first marry and then go to the consulate for H4 approval. Consulate visits are difficult due to various reasons including wait time of 3-4 months. Even after getting the appointment, a large number of applications are being rejected. Such rejections means the girl would be left behind and the boy has to return to USA. This kind of situation creates a dead-end situation for both parties.

Anticipating this, many parents reject immigrants outright.

Borrowing on the principles laid down for pre-approved Labor ( Where a company get a labor certificate for specified skills without mentioning the Candidate name), this proposal expects the Indian partner to specify the qualifications of the immigrant and get a pre-approval. The example uses the immigrant as a Boy and the Indian counterpart as a Girl even though it can be opposite also.

The applicant will fill up a Immigration form and submits to the US consulate with a fee of 20 dollars. ( 900 Indian rupees ). In this form, she gives her personal details in Part-A of the form. In Part-B, she specifies the qualifications, social background and economical background of the person she is wishing to marry. The details include the Age, College degrees, professional training, Income, Languages spoken, Geographical preferences with in USA, Job status and experience. For Example, the girl can specify that her future mate should be between 27-34 years, from Konkan region, fluent in kannada and Marathi, earning 70K, living in West coast of USA, preferably California etc.

Approval process
The US consulate will review the applicant's request and may call for an interview. They may suggest to the applicant to reconsider some of the specifications. At the end, they will stamp her passport with a pre-approved H4 Visa and will also give a sealed envelop to be carried to US for showing to the immigration officers at US point of entry.

Marriage and Immigration
After she obtains the pre-approved H4, the applicant and her parents can advertise the availability of the pre-approved H4 along with the specifications mentioned at the time of application. It will be a violation to advertise any requirements if the same was not mentioned in the Visa application. The unmarried Immigrants can look into such advertisements and can initiate marriage proposals if they meet the requirements.

The proposal could lead to marriage. After marriage, the couple can directly fly back to USA. No need to go to consulate.

Immigration re-validation
At the port of entry in US, the immigration officer may ask the immigrants for documents to ensure that the groom met the specification as mentioned in the Visa application. But such checks will be on a case by case basis. If the immigration officer is convinced, he will open the sealed envelop given by the consulate and apply the Visa sticker to the girl's passport.

An execute order will be issued tomorrow, according to the news agency AFP.

p.s: its April Fool's day

04-01-2005, 05:43 PM
p.s: its April Fool's day

Thank God. This was the fourth line I read in the post. :)

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p.s: its April Fool's day

That was the first line I read(in Prasanna's post ofcourse :ee:)

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No way.. dependent visakku evaloovaa.. I highly doubt it..Parkalaam .. jaga neenga sona mathiri April 1 vera .. so lets wait and see


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Jagga has already made you an April fool and you are worried about the process. They will give two hoots to the problems faced by unmarried/married immigrants problems. :sm12: :sm12: :sm12:


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adadaa.. post potutu just in cause be carefulnu solraaroonu nanaichaen...

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Ok ippo oru challenge ;)

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Anainar and Vasan'a april fool pana mudiyumma :think: :think:


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Anainar and Vasan'a april fool pana mudiyumma

We dont need April 1st to make a fool of ourselves. I became a fool 6 years back. :sm12: :sm12: :sm12: Jagga is in the process. :sm12: :sm12: :sm12:


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Anainar ushaara irukkar, vasan can be made, no big deal..let me try :b:

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No way.. dependent visakku evaloovaa.. I highly doubt it..Parkalaam .. jaga neenga sona mathiri April 1 vera .. so lets wait and see


Unmaiyana Project Manager :clap: :clap: Ippdi Documentation muzhusa padikkama Report adippanga enga Project Manager kooda :lol: :lol:

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The genius is in writing the documentation. It is written in all legal mumbo jumbo with reasonable assessments to pass initial judgement of the Project Manager. That is why you need techie guys to decipher and "Elaborate" the items. I am sure when they work out the cost part, will figure out. Well, that is after spending 20 man days of some one else, to decipher the cryptic code. :D :D :D