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09-24-2003, 01:13 PM

Starring: Simbu, Trisha

Kollywood is keenly watching Simpu on his career and star rating developments after the release of Dum. Dhanush entry to stardom has also given a twist to Kollywood's hope to watch Simpu's reaction in this development, Enters Alai.


With the routine of depicting his name in graphics for title cards Simpu enters in the screen in the song and dance number alai(Sung by -you guessed it right- Shankar Mahadevan) and points the thumb and little finger a sign he alone appreciates. Chimp better watch its drives mad to see u being introduced in boring title songs within three films. Chimp needs a change yaar.

Son of Building contractor raghuvaran Simpu idles his time with elderly aged friend Vivek roams all over through out the film (who cares? Parents don't worry) Tussle in the beginning and turning to love due to favor done, Trisha's introduction is the same as in Tamil cinema (Brain drain in Kollywood)

Alai ripples for some time in Kushi style.

Trisha who is to attend her friends wedding and Simpu who is to visit his friend's village festive celebrations land up at the same place friends and are made to know both of their friend's love and ruin their compelled marriage. They unite their friends as couples in marriage. Return to their bases after this mission.

The screen play prolongs for a while with chimpu and Trisha's pampering and musings with each other.Simpu dances with Kim Sharma to make Trisha fume (Another katti pudi katti pudi daa).

After a number of duets when both decide to concentrate on their love in screen the ball bounces back to them. Yeah!! Nazar who is affected bcoz of their helping friends to get married wants to avenge their deeds and asks Simpu to marry his daughter. He as also lent money to simpu's father (remember Raghuvaran) hence Simpu decides to sacrifice his love for Trisha and marry. All is well that ends well is in the climax. But is not so with viewers.

The only and major compensation for this movie is Vivek. His efforts make us to forget the boredom of the movie. He excels in the role as a Conman cheating women and especially when Trisha offers him biriyani mixed with bowel relievers - makes every one to scream with laughter.

The first half is too much for viewer's patience. It has more of Simpu & his brother kuaralarasan's tantrums. The lack in clarity of screenplay leads to disorientation of the viewer to watch the movie.

Trisha glitters in costumes in all song and dance sequences. Nothing else to be said.

Vidya sagar finds it difficult to specify whether it is folk or western style of music. Two of the duet numbers sound average. This has not heightened the music director's credits.

The movie sets pace when Simpu ignores Trisha who hides her love in the beginning. But gets dragged by the sentimental sea waves.

Father Raghuvaran is yet to settle the earlier borrowed loans…. Son Simpu is carefree to the core … and has spoilt daughter's marriage… in spite of all this Nazar threatens Simpu to marry his daughter. Will any dad spare his daughter to avenge? The climax consumes time with an illogical story.

Vivek's comedy is the only saving grace to the movie, Simpu and Director should have spent their efforts and time for a much better performance rather. Better Luck next time

Vivek's Comedy

Effortless Tunes

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