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04-27-2005, 08:06 PM
The story of Gurudeva has been told in umpteen films in commercial cinema over the ages – A rich girl falling in love with an uneducated ‘dada’ with a heart of gold. Recent examples Vikram’s Gemini, Vijay’s Bhagavathy and so many others.
This kind of story is usually written for superstars so that they can indulge in their favorite pastime of boosting their image. A new hero Jai Akash, an NRI with pots of money thinks that he is already a superstar and can get away with it.

Gurudeva is an exercise in narcissism of the worst kind, as Jai Akash and his lady love Pranathi have ball at the producer’s expense (probably reimbursed by the hero). Guru (Jai Akash) is small time friendly neighborhood rowdy residing near Egmore railway station with friends like Nassar who settles disputes and gets couples married.

He falls for Deva (Pranathi) a rich girl who is trying to get her property and huge estates from her family lawyer Sundar (Vijaykumar). She pretends to be in love with Guru and uses him successfully to get back her vast wealth and later tries to pay him off. He is shocked that she was using him in the pretext of being in love. The rest is a predictable yarn where Guru ultimately wins over Deva.

There is nothing new in the way if presentation and music director Sabesh Murali rehashes old ‘gana’ songs of Deva. . Debutant director Jaffer seems to have been remote controlled by the hero who tries to ape Ajit style of ‘dadagiri’ and dialogue delivery. Paranathi tries hard to look glamorous though she is an average looker. Perhaps Jai Akash will get a better story next time!

Verdict: Disappointing

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