View Full Version : Any information about admission to MBBS

05-13-2005, 11:21 AM
One of my cousin has finished his 12 th exam and he want's to pursue MBBS.Though he has scored good marks in biology , his score on Physics and chemistry were average...

A lot number of students are going to china & Russia for doing MBBS.If any one knows information about the undergraduate medical course in these countries please do reply.

This is the testing time for indian students as most of us would have gone thru these phase....so let's c............

05-13-2005, 09:39 PM
enakku therinju oru payyan russia pakathula oru countrykku mbbs padika ponan but i donno more about that.. if u need i will enquire and i will let u know..

but i feel studying in china and russia is not worth..

07-04-2005, 09:56 PM
katteri i saw this news recently ........for ur attention....

12-27-2005, 04:34 PM
I dont know much about russia and opther countries. However, I can suggest you to go to UK instead. iam a med student from there. If you are based in india and if havent travelled out of India, There are hundreds of scholarships which cover tution fees and living expenses in UK. Which means that you need not spend money from your wallet. You can give it a try they are called Common wealth funding systems and ther are others as well.
Good luck