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05-13-2005, 05:29 PM
R.B.Choudry have now brought his eldest son Ramesh in the arena of film field after having introduced his younger son Jeeva in the first place. Sarathkumar had rendered helping hand by acting in a guest role in this film.

Ramesh is a muff in a school, home and in a place where he works. So he becomes the butt of jokes in all these places. He is strong only in his love for Pooja who is living in the next door. In this situation he was beaten and made fun of by the lover of Pooja at a restaurant. He goes to the see shore and cry his heart out in front of an ancient statue of a deity. There, he gets the power to become invisible to other's eyes by the blessings of that deity. Then he starts revenging his classmates, his cruel minded mother and the lover of Pooja, who had insulted him very much. He goes on further to steal a bank to get marry to his lover Pooja. D.S.P Sarathkumar is brought in to catch the invisible thief. At some point of time, Ramesh's mind turns into frenzied state and he makes the whole city to stand still by his activities. The effects of his action, and the 'touching' climax make the rest of the story.

Ramesh who acts as a muff in the initial scenes, turns into lively character after he gets the power of becoming invisible. Particularly in the song sequences, he exhibits spring like movements and fast paced steps. He had acted very casually, which makes one to forget the fact that, it is his first film.

One gets pity on Ramesh in the scene where he struggle to reveal the truth to Pooja that he was the one who had saved her in the lab accident. The same Ramesh, after getting the power to become invisible, destroys the household things of Pooja and indulge in atrocities, thus showing a different kind of maddening love.

Sarathkumar, who is acting in a guest role as the DSP, who tries to catch the invisible Ramesh, hasn't got much chance to act, except in the initial scene, where he guns down rowdy element in an encounter.

Pooja, though acted as a lover of Mukesh in the film, all her duet songs were with Ramesh through out the film. Mukesh has done a good job in this film as the lover of Pooja. Nalini have given a stunning performance as a cruel mother and a wife.

In the scene where, she would give a resounding slap to the girl next door, who tries to intervene when she beats her son Ramesh, is enough to show her cruelty.

Kalabhavan Mani had acted as usual in comedy role, using his ability to mimic different voices. Livingston had acted as the innocent husband of Nalini. S.V.Sekar had acted as the father of Pooja.

According to the title, the base story is written by, Ramgopal Verma. Vincent Selva had written screenplay and had directed the film with out boring. Ramesh Babu's camera work is not bad. In the music of Srikanth Deva, songs are all good. Especially the songs 'Coimbatore Penne' and 'Epang Supang' are hit songs. The movements of the song 'Coimbatore Penne' is just peppy'.

Jithan - Knows his job well

Source: Cinesouth