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05-24-2005, 04:26 AM
[glow=darkblue:d72785d6ab]Attention All Users : Exciting New Changes in Geetham ![/glow:d72785d6ab]

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Hello Members ! :D

How are you? Greetings from the Geetham Team.. :wink: :P

As you might have noticed, Geetham has been growing in the past couple of years and now we boast nearly 20000 users and several hundred thousands of total posts - making us, the Geetham Family, one of the largest and certainly the coolest family on the Web. :sm10: :wink:

In our next step of growth, we wanted to progress towards a Forum which thrives on participating users rather than free downloads of things. There are several new and exciting features in store (and several more in consideration.. :wink:) for future.

As a first step, the Geetham will have the following changes, beginning now:

1) There will be NO direct download of any movies (tamil, english or any other language).

This is done so as to promote more healthy discussions, active participation of the users and in building a strong online tamil community that goes beyond the simple "download-it-watch-it-forget-it" one. :D

2) Some things will be available via torrent downloads.

Such a torrent download - unless specifically released by GTeam - are not sponsored by Geetham. Users may find it convenient to share the GTorrent tracker for filesharing. Any file that might endanger the safety (for whatever reasons, as determined by the moderators) will be deleted. :D

3) Several other UNIQUE features of Geetham will be retained.

Features such as Tamil Karuththukkalam, Technical and Freeware Downloads, Student help, Carnatic Section and Downloads, Gtorrents, and Recipes - are unique to Geetham and some of our favorite sections. These will continue to be available to every one. :D :P

4) Active Member list will be limited to tamils living outside of India and Sri Lanka.

Please note that the members (who reside outside of India/SL) must continue participating in various topics/sections of the Forum to gain or retain Active Membership (or Geetham Club Membership). Several new features will be available ONLY for active members. These might include some downloads too. Users will really find it to be their advantage when they continue participating in the forum for they can enjoy the special features. This is done to encourage users participation in our continued efforts to build a strong online Tamil community. Participation builds friendships.. :yes: :P

If you are interested in becoming an active member: Please check-

Please note that the changes 1-4 are not reflected in these threads, but will be followed. :wink: :P

Also check the following thread: if you have comments or useful suggestions please include them there. All your comments will be read, and all Suggestions will be seriously considered. Geetham family shows a healthy pride in responding to our members suggestions and desires. While all things may not be possible, we promise to do our best to make it an interesting, useful and above all a fun place to hangout and meet for tamils everywhere.. :sm08: :sm08:


Thank you for your participation. :sm08: Please help keep Geetham growing... :D :D

Vasan :D


ps: Mods.. I am locking this topic. If I had missed anything :00: or added something with out thinking :00: please do comment. Let me know via pm- or post it in the thread on suggestions. All things will be considered. :wink: :P Thanks... :sm08:

ps1: I didn't have to include it in postscript, ofcourse. But then people might mistake it for some one else's post.. :sm12: :sm12: :sm12:

ps3: I don't want to add the inevitable line.. so, just the smilie alone... :sm05: :P :wink: