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06-08-2005, 07:52 PM

Padhavi Paduthum Paadu is a political satire based on the forest bandit and sandalwood smuggler Veerappan with a difference. Here in the film, the bandit gets amnesty and enters politics to clean the corrupt system.
Malayappan (Ranjith), a bandit living in the Sathyamangalam forest, kidnaps Tamizharasan (Ravichandran), the former CM with the intention of getting Rs 90 crores from the government. The CM Veerabhadran (Pyramid Natrajan) is happy that his political foe will be liquidated. Finally, the bandit with the help of an Ex-Chief Minister who has influence in the Union government gets a general pardon and on advice from Ex-Chief Minister he decides to plunge into politics. The bandit arrives in the city to a rousing welcome from the public. He then floats a political party and comes to power. He then publicly exposes the leaders of the political parties who amassed wealth. Rest is how he punishes them in his own style.
The director should be appreciated for apt casting in the film. Ranjith fits the role of Malayappan to a "T". He is equally good in performance especially his dialogue delivery. Anamika as his wife is okay. It is Manivannan, as the cunning politician, who steals the show. Ravichandran and Pyramid Natrajan play at ease. Dialogues by Thuglaq Sathya are the major asset. Most of the times, it is fiery. But at times it is so lengthy that it mars the narration. Director Ramalingam has faithfully followed his ideas to show the whole film in lighter vein and fairly succeeded in his attempt. The movie could have aroused more interest, had Veerappan still been alive.

Comment : Average