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06-08-2005, 08:03 PM

Varapogum Sooriyaney is yet another film on father-son bonding.
The village head (Nambi Raj) disowns his daughter Annapoorani (Seetha) for marrying an illiterate labourer Shanmugham (Ahudi Prasad). Annapoorani dies after giving birth to a son, but before her death she makes her husband promise that he will make their son an educated and a respected man in society. Shanmugham's son Shakthivel (Trivikram) is bright and grows into a dedicated youth completing his MA with distinction. Kavitha (Priyanjali), daughter of the local landlord falls for Shakthi. Kavitha's uncle Karuppusamy (Ramesh Khanna) opposes this love as he wants to marry Kavitha. The rest is all about a how Shakthi becomes an IPS officer, against all odds, and also gets Kavitha!
Debutants Trivikram and Priyanjali are just ok. Ahudi Prasad, as the poor illiterate father has given a good performance. Ramesh Khanna as the comical villain has tried to evoke some lighter moments. But all his attempts to attain Kavitha look amateurish. S.K.Samy, an assistant to Bhagyaraj in many films, has turned independent director. He has brought out the father-son relationship well. There is a strong message that one can achieve anything in life through sheer hard work and will-power. But the movie lacks pace. Certain melodramatic scenes could have been avoided which would have made the film more presentable. Deva's music is passable.

Comment : Average