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09-27-2003, 07:19 AM

10-12-2003, 06:22 PM
nalla irukku mame, how to put the jpg file inga da? GIF File or JPG also da...plz tell me...

01-22-2004, 09:49 PM
Silla kaathalar thinal kaavalar thinamaakum santharpankalum undu.
Nalla husband kidaithaal maddum!

01-30-2004, 02:58 PM
kadhalar thina parisa????

02-18-2004, 10:55 AM
ennai viddu nee piriyum kaalam vanthaal...

Enn uyirea unnidam naan kedpathu ondrai thaan...
ithuvarai unnaal enn imaighal nanaiyavillai....
ennidam unnai tharuvai endra nambikkayil....
enthan manathil kanneer sumayumillai...
ennai viddu nee piriyum
kaalam vanthaal...
puthaikkum mannil naan puzhuthiyaavaen...

02-18-2004, 10:55 AM

Butterflies flirt across the sky
deer drink serenely
from a crisp blue pond
at the bottom of a Waterfall
where willows rasp in a staccato manner
and fish swim tranquilly in the clear blur water
I close my eyes and imagine
I am sitting on a swing made of vines,
under a big Tree
barefooted swinging away,
as my feet touch the sensual grass beneath,
in a to and fro motion of the swing
I imagine all of this and think to myself
I'm glad to be alive
and then I awake

02-18-2004, 10:57 AM
vaanavil vaerum saayama???

manathisethukkiya sollai
alikka ninaithaal
alivathu sollalla antha manam
Nee azhagiya pulli maan
thaann ,aanal naan pulli illaiyae!
irunthum aen ennai
kanduu maraigiraai, unnaiyae
maraithukolgirai paarthu ingu
vaedar koottam miguthiyaai
ullathu, valaiyil vizhunthuvida
ungal kadhal nenjathil........
enakku kongem idam tharuvaaya??
manam valikuthai
ungal ninaivalla enn uyere pirivu
vaanavil vaerum saayama??? :| :| :|

02-18-2004, 10:57 AM
cAn I rEACh yOu

After seeing you
every drops of yours falls
beautifying all flowers
now it is searching the pollengrains
to scribble the names....
oh can I have only one signature
and only the sweetest honey
wherever I breathe your smell
I am still wondering where is my
heart gone .... . :?:

02-18-2004, 10:58 AM
yOUr eYEs

There was a time
when i could only see
through your eyes...
Then came the day
you went away
and i couldn't see me
can you hide the eye?
is your eyes playing the
the hide & seek.?..
Now time has passed
I have found me
I was wrong all along
I didn't need your eyes to
And now I wonder,
as my heart freezes cold,
I was seeing me through your eyes
better than an eternity alone?

02-18-2004, 10:59 AM
lOVe cRIEs

I look up.
Don't always feel the same way
As a tear rolls slowly down my cheek as I smell the rose
When life and love have torn apart my heart cries...
Where do they shattered the tiny pieces of ma rose
I think about better days and wonder if I'll feel that
Way again sometimes only tears can say
You look at me with those eyes
I know so well hope understanding can tell the time
Always serious, so deep and insightful
As though you're always in control
But not today not now. Say,
"Life must go on"
And during the day that's largely true.
But when the sun sets, life again comes to a shut
Now you look so scared like for once you don't have the answer
I gaze at you looking deep into those sweet eyes
Hoping to understand why you've said those things you did
I wonder for a moment if this is all a dream
I shall wake in the morning and be relieved after the rose smell
Maybe the worst pain of love are caused by the regrets
You look at me again
With a confusion I have never seen slowly pull me towards you
And wipe the tears from my cheek apart of you has grown unto me
Together forever we shall be never an apart,
May be in distance but not in my heart.
Snow tears falling ....

02-18-2004, 11:00 AM
love oh love

I am a sick love puppy
while shivering in the leaf
shaking voice heard your
foot steps.......
my stopped eyes awakes!!
it echoes in my tympanic
fantasy or reality ?
when it came deep down the
shallow heart and appears.
i saw rainbow in the rain.
and the rain remembers
not umbrella but your face
and made me quench my thirst
and will it kill me ???
every move i can hear you
torturing my heart .. with your name
is it love or you're eating me with love
where is the yesterday's eye
my shoulder freezes now.
can you come forward .....and reach me ?

02-18-2004, 11:00 AM
solla varthaighal indri thavikkiraal .....

indru kavaleiyudan pesuraal
nesam endra peyaril palagiyathu
poiyaa illai
en meethu paasam polinthathu
kanneer kaintha pinbum alukiraal
solla varthaighal indri thavikkiraal .....
nee seekirame varuvaaya
Isai kuyil endru per eduthaal

02-18-2004, 11:01 AM
Will he be mine?

I love you more than life itself
But I'm afraid to love.
My heart is like the dove
You had tainted ma every move
Telling me every dawn is a fresh
I'm scared to get too close.
I feel that I can't win.
Your heart is not a stone
You'll love me for a little
But why then you set
Me free again.
The sky I can hold
I've lived so long on
Hopes and dreams
Why ma heart is melting
I don't know what to do.
Will he be mine?
I don't think I can trust my heart.......

02-18-2004, 11:02 AM
Will he be mine?

I love you more than life itself
But I'm afraid to love.
My heart is like the dove
You had tainted ma every move
Telling me every dawn is a fresh
I'm scared to get too close.
I feel that I can't win.
Your heart is not a stone
You'll love me for a little
But why then you set
Me free again.
The sky I can hold
I've lived so long on
Hopes and dreams
Why ma heart is melting
I don't know what to do.
Will he be mine?
I don't think I can trust my heart.......

02-18-2004, 11:03 AM
Will he be mine?

I love you more than life itself
But I'm afraid to love.
My heart is like the dove
You had tainted ma every move
Telling me every dawn is a fresh
I'm scared to get too close.
I feel that I can't win.
Your heart is not a stone
You'll love me for a little
But why then you set
Me free again.
The sky I can hold
I've lived so long on
Hopes and dreams
Why ma heart is melting
I don't know what to do.
Will he be mine?
I don't think I can trust my heart.......

02-18-2004, 11:06 AM
Will he be mine?


Kavithai elutha vendum edrean,
kathalithuu par endragal,
kathalitane kavithai vanthathu,
koda kaneerum vanthathu
Kathalithaal mattum thaan kavithai
varum enpathu varum saayam..
paathi sinthai, paathi neejam erundum
kalanthathu thaan kavithai!!!
en Sogam ,en kulapahm
en kavithai valijai oru puthu vadivu
edukkindrath nann ungalukku
ethavathu uthavi seija mudiyum entral ....
adhu en kavithai mattum....kaneer tuli..alla
I love you more than life itself
But I'm afraid to love.
My heart is like the dove
You had tainted ma every move
Telling me every dawn is a fresh
I'm scared to get too close.
I feel that I can't win.
Your heart is not a stone
You'll love me for a little
But why then you set
Me free again.
The sky I can hold
I've lived so long on
Hopes and dreams
Why ma heart is melting
I don't know what to do.
Will he be mine?
I don't think I can trust my heart.......

02-18-2004, 11:06 AM
Love has no fACe....

I look into your eyes
You think I'm all lies
I wish you would just understand that
I don't just want to
I think about you all the time
I consider you more than a friend
Until the very end your voice,
Your smile it makes being
around you worthwhile
I can see the real you that
no one else can see
You are so beautiful
I can't help but say
The only problem with you is wine
I wish that you were mine
Love has no fACe...

02-18-2004, 11:07 AM
sHOOt mE

shoot me with your heart,
kill me with your eyes,
poison me with your kiss,
and burn me with your beauty :oops

02-18-2004, 11:08 AM
Days has gone
I think i have lost you
You are someone
Whom far to reach
I realize it tODAy
I know that from the beginning
But i try all my bESt
And i failed,
I missed u aLOt
No words to say
So helpless 'wHy'
End to this stage
I don't kNOw
I am tearing soundlessly.
Words were uNSPOKEn
Still in ma LIPs
Why such feeling the 'LOST'
Oh god! can i reach HIM?
Ma heart is pounding
Is this call__ lost fRIENDSHIp

02-18-2004, 11:08 AM
paddaampoochiayai parakava?

thenralai unei arugavaa
malargalaai unnil malaravaa
paddampuchi pol paranthu varavaa
ennil suvarum thenai nee rusikkavaa
enn kadhalaa
poogalai poogava allathu
paddaampoochiayai parakava?

02-18-2004, 11:09 AM
meendum nam kadhal pupuupathu eppa?

Nineipathu kadinama?
alla nee ennai marupathu kadinama?
nesathaal ondraanathu poiyaa?
indru enn kanghal kalanghinathum enaiyaa?
enn meethu nee sinthiya paasam thaan poiyaa?
uyir pirinthu indru vaaduthey intha rojaa...
enn manathai mullaal kuthiyathum neeya?
alla intha pirivu vithiyaal ameikappadda sathiya?
kanavil kuda unnei pirinthirukka maadenae
itha nijathil eppadi naan vaalvaeney....
Oomayin Kanneer pesiyathu
Vaalvendraal poraadum porkalamthana
meendum nam kadhal pupuupathu eppa? enn

02-18-2004, 11:11 AM
verumaiyana en naalettin pakkangal
en idhayathai pola...
naatkal varudangalai
nimidangal madhangalai
nodigalum naatkalai!!
Ivvulagil irukkum nodigalai vida
irakkum nodiyai eathir parthu....
kannimaiyoram kaaintha un
suvadugal innum eeramaai....
endrendrum un ninaivugal

02-18-2004, 11:11 AM
I miss you online,
because you always make
the days so sunny.
And I just wanted to
send you some good wishes
and let you know
that you're in my thoughts
every day.
Drop me a line when you find the
time, and let me know
how you're doing.
I'm anxious to hear about
what's going on in your life.
I hope your troubles have been few,
and that fair weather
has found its way to your door

02-18-2004, 11:12 AM
I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice
And the way that we touch.
I love your warm smile
And your kind, thoughtful way,
The joy that you bring
To my life every day.
I love you today
As I have from the start,
And I'll love you forever
With all of my heart.

02-18-2004, 11:13 AM
My love is like an ocean
It goes down so deep
My love is like a rose
Whose beauty you want to keep.

My love is like a river
That will never end
My love is like a dove
With a beautiful message to send.

My love is like a song
That goes on and on forever
My love is like a prisoner
It's to you that I surrender

02-18-2004, 11:14 AM
The sun shines down so bright
My eyes are blinded by the light

The wind blows softly upon my face
When I look at you my dear
I am showered with grace

The boat floats gently down the river
I could stay in this moment with you forever

The sun soon starts to set
The shadows of the buildings
Hide the light just a little bit

Soon the sun is fully gone
But the boat still floats on
The only light that can be seen
Comes from the candles on the edge of the stream

I take a deep breath
And stare at the sky
I push back the hair
From in front of your eyes

There is nothing better than this
I now know what beauty is

02-18-2004, 11:15 AM
Though miles apart from you
my heart keeps longing for you
to be by your side
with a space in between us
not far and wide
always close to your arms
to keep feeling the warmth
of your soft and tender touch
that will make me go
on a journey to fetch
the thousand dreams and
a million fantasies
of a life together
that will never cease
to live forever...

02-18-2004, 11:15 AM
un kaadhalai pera

yethaavathu seiyalaam endru ninaithu
yethetho seithu paarkiren

ippozhuthuthaan therihirathu....

unnai kaathalippathu thavira
verondrum seiya theriyavillai


02-18-2004, 11:15 AM
--------maaya kanadi-------
kannadi mun nindren
kanedhirae un mugam
ada en idhayathai kaatiyadho!!!!

en ithayathil
un peyar

nee varum mun
kaatril un vaasanai!!!


unnai patri ennadi therium
enakku therinthathathai vida?
kanneerai thudaithu
mudugai thatti koduthu
madiyil padukka vaithu
melidhai aarudal solla
oru muraiyenum azhendi..

02-18-2004, 11:16 AM
Why GOD Gave Us Friends

GOD knew that everyone needs
Companionship and cheer,
He knew that people need someone
Whose thoughts are always near.

He knew they need someone kind
To lend a helping hand.
Someone to gladly take the time
To care and understand.

GOD knew that we all need someone
To share each happy day,
To be a source of courage
When troubles come our way.

Someone to be true to us,
Whether near or far apart.
Someone whose love we'll always
Hold and treasure in our hearts.

That's Why GOD Gave Us Friends!

02-18-2004, 11:17 AM
Kaathal Uravaakividu!
Pirayea Pirayea Valarum
Pirayea lthu NalvaRavae .......
malarae malarae malarae
payanam ingu mudiyavillae
poo ellam innum pookalayea
vizhigal piranthaal ?
maaruma athan payarae
ippa kaneeer karainthu
kadalai paerukiayathu karanam ?
nan paesum varthai oruvam illaithaan,
aanal en ovaru varthaikum uyir ullathu...
en varthai nichiyamaka avanai azhuga vaika
veelikal peeranthal unarvugalai purinthu kolla
manathu athai maraikkirenada
mangai ival manam marathu vittathaal :cry: :cry: :cry:

02-18-2004, 11:17 AM
100 Reasons why I want you

I want to marry you
I want to start a life with you
I want to be part of you
I want to make love to you
I want to laugh with you
I want to cry with you
I want you to fallen love with me
I want you to make me feel that there is no life for me without you
I want you fight with you
I want to sleep on your chest every night
I want you to tell me everything will be alright even when you know it is not going to be
I want you to say I love you everyday to me
I want you to miss me when I am not there
I want give birth to your children
I want to look at your eyes and know what you thinking
I want you to think of me and only me as your wife/lover/girl friend/best friend
I want you to yell at me when I do wrong and go cry at the corner
I want you to make me forget myself
I want you to be there when I need you
I want you to understand me
I want you to know that I will do anything for you and us
I want you to know that I am your soul mate
I want us to grow old together
I want you to look for me when I am late coming home
I want to cook for you
I want you to feed me
I want you to take me walking every evening
I want you to dance with me even when there is no music playing
I want you to ask me to lets go home when were are outside so you could be alone with me
I want you to make me feel that I am the one who God has sent in this world to be with you
I want to become your breath
I want you to become my breath
I want live every single day of my life just looking in your eyes only your eyes
I want to get jealous when you look at another girl
I want you to make me feel that this is what it meant to be
I want you to come home to me every day
I want you to know I will always be here waiting for you
I want us to see our kids grow up just like you
I want to have kids with your pure heart
I want you to make me a better person than I am now
I want you to smile when I act like a kid
I want you to hold me tight every night and make me feel full
I want you to make me as a woman
I want to full fill your dreams and needs
I want you to never say I am no good to you
I want you to love me more and more everyday and not get tired of it
I want you to tell me you never thought you could love anyone like the way you love me
I want you to know you?re my prayer

I want us to thank god for us
I want you back baby.

02-18-2004, 11:18 AM
i swear by the moon
and the stars in the sky i'll be there
i swear like the shadow that's by your side
i'll be there for better or worse
till death do us part
i'll love you with every beat of my heart
and i swear

i'll give you every thing i can
i'll build your dreams with these two hands
we'll hang some memories on the wall
and when (and when) just the two of us are there
you won't have to ask if i still care
'cause as the time changes the page
my love won't ever age at all

02-18-2004, 11:18 AM
I cannot promise you that
I will not change,
I cannot promise you that
I will not have many different moods,
I cannot promise you that
I will not hurt your feelings sometimes,
I cannot promise you that
I will not be erratic,
I cannot promise you that
I will always be strong,
I cannot promise you that
My faults will not show,
But... I do promise you that
I will always be supportive of you ,
I do promise you that
I will share all my thoughts
And feelings with you,
I do promise you that
I will give you freedom to be yourself,
I do promise you that
I will understand everything that you do,
I do promise you that
I will be completely honest with you,
I do promise you that
I will laugh and cry with you,
I do promise you that
I will help you achieve all of your goals,
But... Most of all,
I do promise you that
I will love you always and forever...

02-18-2004, 11:19 AM
If I try and fail
who will be there... and say:
"You did well"

If I fall and couldn't stand
who will be there...and say:
"Hold my hand"

If roads are tough
and light is far,
who will be there...and say:
"I will walk"

Even when my nights are long,
and days are blue.
And everything seems,
impossible to be true.
Who will still be there...and say,
"I will always love you"

Will You be there?

02-18-2004, 11:19 AM
Can I Love You?
by Retina Yazzie

I gave my heart to you
I set my standards high
I laid my eyes on you,
I laughed and cried with you,
I told you my hopes and dreams,
My Love and Fears.

My tears I shed all over your shoulder.
In the end,
I came to see that you were
the only guy I could ever trust.
When I see you,
my face lights up with aspiration, and happiness.
When we talk, I can feel the load unload
with soothing words from you.

I have the feeling of love in my heart.
In my mind, I say "You don't mean a thing. "
In my words, I say "You are just a friend. "
But in the deep end of my heart,
I think of only you

When I tell you my expectations of a guy,
You tell me never to fall short of what I want.
But only one thing stands in the way -
You are a friend.

Can I still love you the way that I do?

02-18-2004, 11:20 AM
Something Happens in my Heart (Kuch Kuch Kota Hai)

You came near. you smiled,
You arent aware of the dreams you showed me
Now my heart is neither awake or asleep

I dont know what to do , something happens in my heart.

What kind of feeling is this?
A thirst that does'nt quench
The intoxication of this love has spread over me
No one knows why peace is lost,

I dont know what to do , something happens in my heart.

What beautiful colours this blessing has brought,
How did this romance happen
Dont know why this happiness came in this turbulence
In solitude, the heart beautifies memories,
oh! what should i do?, something happens in my heart.

02-18-2004, 11:20 AM

You will always be a part of my memory
You are the man whom I full in love deeply
Only if I could tell you honestly
That you are the man I want to be with
If you could only know how much I am scared
To let you show I really care
So just to hide it, in my mind I bear
Because I don?t want this feeling to be dared
So what can I do?
You cannot return the same feeling I have for you
I?ve tried this love not to pursue
But my heart keeps going through

Many times I?ve told myself
That you are not the man I deserve
And this love just cause me despair
Because in your heart I am not in there
I might lose this love someway
I might forget you someday
But to myself I can really say
Once in my life I?ve loved a man a special way

So be in your own
I will pray for your fortune
Thank you for being my inspiration
You will always be in my imagination

02-18-2004, 11:21 AM

My life will be empty and alone
Until I have my lover here
My arms will be empty and cold
Until I have my sweetheart near.
I will make happy each morning after dreaming
Dreams of his sweet kiss and gentle touch
I will cry each night before I sleep
A painful void in my heart, cause I miss him so much
Each day the time seems to go by more slowly
I try to keep him from my mind
But each time I close my eyes
He is there every time
Looking deep into my eyes
He is in my heart and my mind
I could search the world over
Another like him I would not find
So come join me dream lover
Stay with me the rest of your life
I?ll be your best friend, your lover, your girl
And forever I?ll be your wife
We can grow old together
Sit and watch the decades go by
Happy and content in each others arms
From today until the day we die
And when we are six foot under
Even the together we will be
My spirit joined with yours
Together forever in eternity

02-18-2004, 11:22 AM

I don?t need a lot of money, silver, or gold
All I need is your forever to have and hold.

I don?t need design clothes or a mansion fair
All I need is to know that you love me and that you care.

I don?t need fancy cars or a big bank account.
I don?t need furs or shiny jewels.

All I need is you to love and need me, my world, with you I only want to share
So love me and hold me let come what may.

Let us love, laugh, and enjoy the love that God has sent our way

Let us always be together until this world has seen its last day
Let us grow and strengthen with each passing day.

May we always be together and from eachother never stray.
Let us walk together through heavens golden gates

Let us love forever,

02-18-2004, 11:22 AM
GOD made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine,
And He molded her heart of pure gold;
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks, fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me.

02-18-2004, 11:23 AM
Kaalara kadarkaraiku sendren kadalai vaanga
Aanal angu kadalai kidaikavillai
sari sundalavadhu vaangalam endral
ange sundalum illai
Sari Buttiyavadhu(bottle )kidaikuma endru paarthen......
Angu ennaku Beautye kidaithadhu.

Naan butti vaanga ponen oru beauty odu vandhen.....

02-18-2004, 11:25 AM
I asked the stars and the Lord above,
" Why everyone but me? "
I wonder why everyone else has someone,
but Where is the star 4 me?

When i look upon this crazy world,
I wonder what i'll find.
I always think of what i'm longing 4,
but it wasn't right before my eyes.

Everytime i close my eyes,
I see you in my mind.
Everything i was looking for,
Has been there all the time.

So i wonder to myself,
What am i to do?
A solitary Juliet,
Never complete without you.

Here i am all alone,
Wondering where you are?
I know you are out there somewhere,
Wishing Upon a star.