View Full Version : DataBase for Music Files using Access

07-03-2005, 08:01 AM
Hello Technical Help:

I am fairly new to making a DataBase.

I would like to make a Database using Acces application. The information I would like in my data base is:

Source (From where the Album is is procured)

All my songs are in different folders and all the songs are numbered with 01, 02 etc etc. +the song name, ragam and talam. For Eg: 01VarnamTodiAdi
The tracks are tagged with the Artist name, Genre and the Album name or Number.
The reason for numbering the tracks from 01 to 0X is that the tracks can be played in serial number rather than by alphabetical number. If a track is split into 2 0r 3 parts then that track is named as 01a, 01b etc.

The prupose of theDataBase for me would be to enable a search:
Albums I have according to the Artist.
Search for same song by different Artists.
Searh for a song with the Ragam and Talam details.

Is there any way I can connect the database with my muic folders so I can play the music file of that song, when I search for a song?

I would appreciate any form of help.
Thanks and regards,