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10-02-2003, 01:01 AM
TV serial are vying with each other for its realistic character and quality. (E.g. Mettioli and Annamalai) but films like 'Three Roses' are adamant to nail the coffin for Tamil film industry's funeral.

'Three Roses' takes its first place among the movies competing to be the best among the worst of movies without a purpose - race.

Rambha-Jyothika-Laila is shown in the screen wearing glamorous attires and acting artificially (or rather mechanical/ robotical) during the first half of the movie. Don't expect any thing else - for sure.

Taking his cue from the famous Talal Azmi episode the director Parameshwar set his pace in the scenes from there on.

You will be answered why Karthik Raja is yet to excel as Ilayaraja's offspring. If you can listen to Atleast a line of its songs rush immediately to call Guinness officials for you are creating records in under standing the toughest language.

Is this what others call songs?

Or shall we call it roars of sea waves?

Even if stunt director Kannal Kannan is the only one who can take his cake please don't accept the 3 females turning to actions all of sudden. Vivek is all over (Hero) the film to make you laugh a little.

Director Parameshwar is in kinder garden level as for as story screenplay is concerned lets give him some time to become a film graduate, and then we shall appreciate for his works as a light boy.

Rambha is blessed with a fortune by her favorite god, she has every right to blow away Crores of rupees, and she can waste her time and thoughts too, but is it not the duty of the common man to be careful.

Mere waste of 14 reels for the film!