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British Chevening Scholarships 2004

September 30, 2003 11:08 IST

The British Chevening Scholarship Programme offers up to 120
scholarships for Indians to study in the United Kingdom in 2004.
The scholarships will be awarded under the following three

Scheme A: Long-term (Open) Scholarships: These scholarships are
applicable for a one-year postgraduate (Master's) study at any UK
university and are fully funded by the British Foreign and
Commonwealth Office. For 2004 entry, the following programmes are
available under this scheme:
Open Human Rights Scholarships: Master's (MA or LLM) on any
subject related to Human Rights.

Open Social Science Scholarships: MA/MSc in Economics, Politics,
International Relations, Development Studies (including Gender
Studies), Psychology and Sociology.

Open Science Scholarships: MSc in Pure and Applied Sciences,
Computing, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (except
Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Health, and Pharmacy).

Note: Pharmaceutical study leading to research and discovery of
new drugs is eligible.

Open New Technology Scholarships: MSc in Biotechnology,
Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Open Scholarships: MA/MSc/Mphil/MBA in Art, Design, Architecture,
Philosophy, English Literature, Law, Journalism, Fashion
Technology, Information Sciences, Humanities and Management.

Note: Chevening does not support medicine and related subjects
like pharmacy and physiotherapy.

Scheme B: Short-term (Professional) Scholarships: These
scholarships are for working professionals to attend tailor-made
courses of up to three months at identified UK institutions. These
courses are tailor-made for the targeted professional groups such
as journalists, lawyers, corporate managers etc in public, private
and non-government sectors. For 2004 entry, the following
programmes are available under this scheme:
Gurukul Scholarships in Leadership and Excellence at the London
School of Economics and Political Science. Web site:
Women in Leadership and Management Programme at the University of

Young Indian Print Journalists Programme at the University of
Westminster. Web site: www.westminster.ac.uk

Young Indian Broadcast Journalists Programme at the Thomson
Foundation, Cardiff University. Web site:

Wolfson College Press Fellowships at the Wolfson College,
University of Cambridge. Web site: www.wolfson.cam.ac.uk

Environmental Management & Sustainable Development Programme at
the University of Wales, Bangor.

Scheme C: Long-term (Shared or Joint) Scholarships: These
scholarships are applicable for a one-year postgraduate study
(Master's) at specific UK universities and are funded by the
British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and one or two
co-sponsor(s). The Foreign and Commonwealth Office's co-sponsors
include UK universities, British and foreign companies (including
AXA and Prudential), foundations and trusts, and other
institutions. For 2004 entry, the following programmes are
available under this scheme:
Indian Friends of London School of Economics Shared Scholarships
Cable & Wireless Shared Scholarships

FCO/Pearson/Cranfield Joint Scholarships

FCO/Pearson/Stirling Joint Scholarships

Chevening scholarships cover the tuition fee (up to a maximum of
£12,000) and the living expenses for the scholar for the duration
of the award, which normally varies from 4 weeks to 12 months.
International airfares are normally not covered

General Eligibility
Indian nationals residing in India of outstanding academic ability
with a good first degree. Candidates are normally under 35 years
of age.

Prospectus and application forms are available at the British
Council offices in Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi and at
the British Libraries in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chandigarh,
Hyderabad, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram. They can also be
downloaded from the web site:

Last date for applications: October 31, 2003.
For further details on the scholarship programmes log on to
www.britishcouncil.org.in/scholarships or contact

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