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12-16-2005, 02:18 AM
As everyone would have known by now, Ganguly was axed from the test series minutes after the great victory in Delhi..

Also I was watching these games with my hubby (ippadi marina thaan undu.. cricket paithiyangal maara mataanganu therinchukiten :oops: :oops:) anyway he scored good.. may be not for the run out because of him.. other than that.. he was doing fine..

I am not a big fan of him anyday.. but this seems to be totally unfair.. why chose him in the first place if they were going to drop him later..

poor guy.. I feel its all flithy politics.. what does kiran more know :evil: :evil: I dont think hes a great cricketer and all..

Also yen kapil dev, gavaskar mathiri makkal are not in the selection board.. should they be the ones there instead of this nyanasooniyams :doh:

What do u guys think?


12-16-2005, 03:46 AM

First of all I don't agree with what the selectors did - like you said why bring him in and drop him after he did reasonably well. Aasai kaatti mosam seythuttanga.
Having said that, Ganguly as a batsman hasn't performed that well lately in general. Against good bowling attacks he is not convincing. In my humble opinion he was never a great player - cannot say his name along with the likes of Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman.
But what I like about Ganguly is the service he has done to the country as a captain. For once, we had a captain who was aggressive, didn't take things lying down while playing against team like Australia. He was not a great tactician but lead by sheer courage and succeeded in winning matches by inspiring the players.

Finally, I should congratulate your hubby on managing to make you watch cricket :wink: :clap:
I haven't managed to make my better half watch any of the sports with me :( Instead she has made me watch movies (which I hate to do).


P.S. Ganguly supporters ennai thurathi thurathi adikira mathiri innaiku bayangara kanavu varakkoodum :wink:

12-16-2005, 04:41 AM
First and foremost its a pretty complicated issue :Ksp:

And Venki, I beg to differ with you. He is a great player. An ordinary player cannot accumulate more than 10,000 runs in Oneday. He can win matches single-handedly, an artist of off-side hitting and has been ruthless when it comes to spinners. But all of that is past tense now. I wish he could come back as a tough guy as he was before. He is kind of mellowed down a bit and its good to give him a break. Guys, I am not saying that it is right to drop Ganguly. But it is not fair to drop Ganguly and bring in a opening batsman for him and reserve Gambhir. Doesnt really make sense to me.

Definitely players like Yuvraj and Kaif has to be groomed with future in mind, but doesnt mean the seniors should be sidelined. But this will happen to any good side (aspiring to be good) in international arena. Take the case of Damien Martyn, he did play really well and was performing quite decently. Suddenly he was taken out of the team. Consider other great players like that, who was dropped just because the teams composure was taken into picture. Again I am not saying that dropping Ganguly was right, I am not saying it is wrong either.

Wait, I am confused now, what am I talking about :Ksp:

12-17-2005, 03:26 AM

I see what you are saying. I am from the 'old school' when it comes to cricket. I still cannot accept one-dayers as proper 'cricket' :wink:
For me test match is the ultimate - I think it sorts out the men from the boys!
Yes, I agree Ganguly can murder spinners - he has the patience to stay at the crease and score runs against mediocre bowling (w/o him we'd have lost against Kenya in the WC). But somehow I feel against class attacks he doesn't measure up and his technique is not good enough.
But as I said earlier I really admire him as a captain. :b:
I know this whole thing is a very subjective opinion but I have tried to be as objective as possible - my turn to be confused! :Ksp: :Ksp:


12-17-2005, 04:00 PM
ok. Maybe ganguly has not scored recently... but 10,000 runs dont come thru luck...
that said, Why did they slect Ganguly?? What did they expect? It was said he was selected because of his all -round skill. But was never given a chance to bowl. He scored with average 40 in 2nd test. What more can you expect from an all-rounder?? 2 centuries??
If they wanted to drop Ganguly, they should have removed him from captaincy and given rest... then allow him to play 1 or 2 series then drop him... not in this humiliating fashion. When he was dropped initially(b4 SL series i think.. dnt remember), and when they did not take him, the selectors said" we cant change a winning combination". Why the hell do they change it now??? politics..... politics... everywhere...

12-17-2005, 06:30 PM

I agree that there is a lot of politics in sports in India. :(
As I said I am not justifying what the selectors did - it was totally illogical and I'm sure politically motivated.
What beats me is why the Defence minister of India is talking about Ganguly's exclusion in the parliament :lol: I'd rather see him focus on protectcting our border better :wink:


12-17-2005, 07:53 PM
I agree to venky :) why would he take it to the parliament when they have loads of other stuff to talk abt and concentrate on.. :doh: :doh:

BTW venky, eppadi irukeengo.. still busy? hope everything is great out there for you :sm08: :sm08: appo appo geetham vaango time kedaikarche :)


12-18-2005, 03:37 AM

Ungaloda kanivana varththaikaulukku mikka nanri :D

Because I commute a lot (about 4 hours a day from and to work), neram kidaikkarathe illai. But I make it a point to logon to Geetham everyday at least for a few minutes! There are so many interesting forums, I can't resist. Also people are so nice and helpful - it is like a big cyber-family :b:
Hope all is well with you - ungaloda veetukkarar ungalai neraiya sports parkka vaikkattum :wink:


12-18-2005, 02:45 PM
What beats me is why the Defence minister of India is talking about Ganguly's exclusion in the parliament
:lol: :lol: didnt know.. i always change the channel when politics news comes. its always someone blaming someone else... orutharku oruthar chanda pottundu :nono: :nono:

Hey i too cant live without logging in to geetham atleast once a day.. morning-le 1st thing to do is check geetham and also email :ee: