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01-20-2006, 12:47 PM
Serves :4
Big white onions: 1
Potato (1), carrot (2), beans (equivalent portion of carrot), handful of peas: all finely chopped and boiled
Small tomato: 1
Green chilly: 3
Capsicum (Green pepper): ¼
Coriander, spring onion (1), curry leaves
All finely chopped:

Fry onion, green chilly, capsicum.
Once onions turn into golden brown add tomatoes and fry for some time (if u want u can add 2 eggs and fry it with onions)
Add 3 pinch of turmeric powder and one pinch of chilly powder (ratio 3:1)

After 4 min add the flavour packets from the noodles (remember they usually contain salt [sodium], so don’t add salt)

Add the cooked items

Noodles: 3 small packets (any flavour, but preferably veg or curry)

Boil noodles separately and drain water, transfer noodles into a perforated vessel to remove excess water by shaking

Add noodles to the fried items and leave it for one minute add spring onions and stir and leave for one minute, add coriander and curry leaves………..

Try this healthy recipe……….

Carrot, potato, peas, beans has potassium, essential vitamins………..

I had this yesterday and it came very well.............