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03-20-2006, 06:30 PM
Ingredients :

Group 1

Cashewnuts --- 1 cup

Group 2

Milk Powder -- 21/2 tbsp
Powdered Sugar --- 1 cup
Butter --- 31/2 tbsp
Rose essence --- few drops
Silver Warq for decoration.

Preparation time -- 5 mins
Cooking time ------ 7 mins
Standing time ------ 3 mins
Yield ----- 20 pieces


Grind cashewnuts to a paste in a mixer with min.water
Add group 2,blend well and transger to a bowl.
Micro on high for 7 mins,stirring once in between.
Take out and beat well with a wooden laddle.
When the mixture resembles chappathi dough ( forms a ball ) transfer to a greased aluminium foil.
Keep another foil on top and roll it out to 1/4 thickness
Decorate with silver warq.
Cut into diamond shape with greased knife
Allow to cool and transfer to a dry air tight container.

NOTE -- I havent tried it out,...but my friends mom have tried and has come out pretty well.