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08-11-2003, 03:36 PM
hi 6mugam,
avasium kilugiluppai vankittu poi "6mugam mama" koduthatha solren. appuram nenga koduththa child care tips-sai implement panren.

divya kuttikku slate-pencil vanki irukken. nan civil engr. athanal last time kuttimmakku building blocks present pannen. ippa computerai introduce panna try panren.

appuram child care paththi mudincha naraya post pannunga. ennamathiri neraya perukku usefulla irukkum.

Appuram one request, i don't know much about computers. But now I would like to do finite element modelling for geotechnical purposes. Everyone is using Fortran language for writing programme. I don't know anything about Fortran. But I know (kadugalavu C language). Learnt from reading books and used to write small programme for doing calculation of my expt. data. Now I am serious about learning programming for my modelling work. Which language would you suggest me to learn for programming? C or Fortran?


Note: I already watched the movie "kadhal Konden". Cann't help.

08-11-2003, 07:42 PM
Seee.. Fortran is just for un-educated / dump people.

That is so untrue. Fortran is quite a complicated language, but lots of people don't know lots of functionalities of the language. It was the top language till early nineties. Even today lots of scientific applications are written using Fortran. It has very less commercial appeal now, but the academic community still uses it very much. Fortran is particularly useful for numerical analysing applications....linear optimization etc.

would strongly suggest C[good] , C++[Best]

Seconded....C++ is better since it supports object oriented concepts, which is particularly very useful for developing distributed applications and code re-usability.
(It's a different story that I hate C/C++, mainly because my introduction to the language was not a very good one. Still the word 'pointers' sends shivers down my spine. :? )

Java is also a good language, and has massive potential career-wise. Java comes with the added benefit of platform independence. Java is also object oriented.

However, in my experience the easiest language to start learning procedural programming is Visual Basic. It does not bother the programmer with many of the subtle things you are expected to comply with when using other languages (and hence is very rigid and does not give the programmer much independence and thus creativity).

Also if you are intending to use programming for a more academic purpose, functional programming is a fun style of programming to learn. The language is modelled on mathematical functions, and quite easy to learn. A popular functional language is Haskell. A compiler for this language, called 'Hugs' is available at www.haskell.org/hugs .

arumugam57- I think this discussion is moving off topic given it's subject, and the forum we are posting it. You should consider moving it to one of the other forums, and posting a link here, perhaps, telling people that it has been moved.


08-11-2003, 07:47 PM
Oh...and another thing. Lots of Fortran's functionalities are available with C, in the form of Fortran libraries.

Mahavan- So you need not fear about learning C, after learning Fortran. You'll still be able to use most technology supported by Fortran.

08-11-2003, 10:08 PM
Shindesh Solvathai Naan Mulumayaga Oppu Kolkiren.
Shindesh!.. Intha mahavan amni is working and not in academics

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:Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: AND I AM ADVISING TO HER :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp: :Ksp:

They will have lot of competitions. So she has to prepare hershelf to face it. So let her go with higly advanced launguages like C++. I told her to learn Fortran and C for understanding other's work. Emma Maha.. Nee [Thappa Nenatchukatheenga.. Naan enga Pattiyave nee vaanu than kupduven.. Chellama ] first Fortran , C kathuko.. Do more exercises in pointers but it won't affect your work much if you ar enot through also. Then learn C++ very well. Do all your works in C++. That is good for your future too. You will become a kodeeswari soon.

Then regarding going away from the topic. Intha Maha Amni Than start pannitchu.. Amni.. nee vera topic start pannu. Anga namma discuss pannalam. This topic is just for telling happy friendship day to shanrenu , eating his head in all directions and irritating that guy in whatever possible way. Shanrenu!!! :) Naanga Ready!! Neenga Readyaa? :D

Then Baby Pappa Foto ketiye!!! Take this Jimmy. How is it?


08-12-2003, 07:46 AM
hi 6mugam,

Thanks for giving nice direction. I will proceed with C. Your example is wonderful.


Note: i am IISc-an :)

08-12-2003, 08:29 AM
Sorry friends (6mugam and Shidinesh). With out reading the messages in the 4th page I posted my previous message.

6mugam I am in academics. Doing post-doc.

Shidinesh thanks for your information.

Now my head is spinning. anyway I will start with C.

OK. I will open a new topic for this. May be when I start working on this.


10-09-2003, 03:34 AM

actually with the new compiler Fortran 90 you have everything thats in C++. Its really no big deal which language you use for scientific computing, like FEM or CAD or CFD. Just that traditionally Fortran was developed for these apps and people continue using it.

there are plenty of sources, mahavan... Also some good algorithms for science computing are available from numerical recipes webpage (in Fortran, C and Pascal)..

good luck !