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India`s Air-power arsenal
The Indian Air Force formally inducted its first eight Su-30 aircraft in a ceremony at Lohegaon Air Base, near Pune, in early July. This was barely six months after the $1.8 billion contract to supply 40 aircraft was confirmed, and officially described as Su-30's. The first batch of eight appear to be an enhanced Su-27"PU" variant which become the Su-30"K", modified again with an Indian particular navigation kit. News reports also eluded to the possibility that the InAF would return them at some later date. Another option was mentioned that over the next four years Sukhoi would upgrade these eight aircraft to full Su-30"MKI" status while delivering the 32 x Su-32"MKI"s in three batches. Deputy Sukhoi Designer Alexander Bartkovski said that the eight aircraft were shipped to India in An-124 Ruslan aircraft from the Irkutsk Aviation Production Association (IAPO) factory. Indian pilots are being trained in groups of ten at the Zhukovski Test Center.


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India`s Land Power arsenal
T90 tank

The T-90 battle tanks will replace the army`s Soviet-built T-72 tanks. The deal is expected to be around $400 million, according to government estimates. India will soon purchase around 300 T-90 tanks from Russia for around Rs 10.50 crores each, for deployment in offensive formations in Rajasthan and Punjab by next year. T-90 tank will swiftly" kill" Arjun, the main battle tank developed locally after 25 years, India national daily 'The Asian Age' reports. The T-90 purchase will also render India vulnerable to an unreliable supplier of spares and backup support; the paper quoted military sources. Military sources said the decision for the outright purchase of T-90s to equip four to five armoured regiments, despite its lukewarm performance" during the summer trials at Pokhran, have been "pushed forcefully" by "influential sections "within the army. They also said the T-90s- broadly compatible with T-72s, the army's current MBT-that are being finalised for purchase by India, are reportedly being offered minus at least six critical assemblies, including night vision and navigation systems that give it the decisive edge. The possibility of locally building T-90s under licence at the Heavy Vehicles Factory at Avadi, near Chenai, will also be part of the deal expected to be finalised over the next few months, the paper reported. The Indian army considers the T-90, capable of firing laser-guided missiles, the T-90 is capable of firing upto eight 125 mm rounds per minute at land-based and low flying targets while its automated fire control system allows the commander and gunner to continue firing while an electronic suppression system jams the laser range-finders and target designators of anti-tank weapon systems.

Indian Sea Arsenal
INS Sindhushastra

India's Naval Chief Admiral Sushil Kumar is in St Petersburg in Russia to commission the INS Sindhushastra, the latest of the Kilo 877EKM class submarine. The Sindhushastra will join nine other Kilo class submarines already in service. Designed by the Rubin Central Maritime Design Bureau in St Petersburg, the Kilo submarines entered service with the Russian Navy in the early 1980s. Russia is currently known to operate 24 of the older models. The EKM has been sold to among others China and Iran. The 877EKM is specially equipped for anti-submarine warfare.

Design: The EKM877 is a single-shaft vessel with a double hull. The bow planes are positioned close to the midship to improve the performance of the sonar. To reduce the submarine's acoustic signature, the flooding ports have been removed from the forebody. It also has a new gas-freeing system and the hull is covered with rubber anti-sonar protection tiles to reduce risk of detection. It displaces 2,300 tons when surfaced and 3,950 tons underwater. Maximum diving depth is 300 m. Speed is 10 knots on the surface and 17 knots submerged. Range is 6,000 miles when snorting at 7 knots and 400 miles when submerged at 3 knots.

Combat System: The combat information system consists of a multi-purpose MVU-110EM computer which allows for five targets to be tracked simultaneously, two automatically and three manually. Course, position and speed data from the Andoga navigation system is also fed into the combat data system:

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DETAILS PROVIDED !!! hope it is interesting for you guys !!

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The is a good link, If you are interested, www.bharat-rakshak.com, you can visit this site.

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i wanted to join the Airforce,, but could not due to various reasons.
Now i started with RC planes.. just as a hobby.
Last week also i was trying to fly one. (RC planes) could not it crashed..
The snaps are very good.
thanks for the snaps and link
Once i am able to fly my toy plane i will post the experience of that.


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Bharat Rakshak (BR) is great. I've been there for over 2 years..try the forums too BRF..
Also try..Defenceindia. I'm a mod in many of these forums..and to say they are great!

Update on indian military force (not a detailed one)

Army (i don't take part in army discussions...so i do not know much)
T-72's..yes, they are being upgraded..1500 of those
Vijayantas..in the process of being scrapped
120 Arjun MK1..and the army finally was happy with its performance.

Su-30MKI - 190 by 2012
Mirage 2000 -- 40 + 120 (if we sign the deal with France..for the advanced version..M2K-V)
Jaguar IS/IB - 100~
Mig-27 - 180 i think. 120 or so will be upgraded to have R-77!..they will last for another 15 years
Mig-23..being scrapped.
Mig-21's ..being scrapped..except for 125 Mig-21 bisons being upgraded. THey too have advanced avionics, radar and weaponary!
LCA -- going great..serial production probably next year..and it will incraese from 2006..hopefully..

5th gen A/C:
PAK-FA with Russia. No confirmation yet but more likely that india will take part in the project.
MCA - not really sure..

Gorshkov is signed -- ACC will be here in 2008
ADS1 is under construction/design..will be here by 2012
Viraat is undergoing upgrades..

(aah..my fingers are aching..i'll continue later) :oops: