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05-24-2003, 01:02 PM
Leysa Leysa

Cast : Madhavan,Shaam, Trisha, Vivek .
Director : Priyadarshan
Music :Harris Jeyaraj

It all begins with the arrival of Chandru's (Vivek) grandparents and half a dozen cousins for a vacation to his place. Chandru having squandered most of his wealth in risky business ventures, coaxes his friend Rakesh (Shaam)to put them up, but keeping up the front that he's the boss and Rakesh his employee. Arrives Bala, everyone's favourite cousin (Trisha), and after the initial brushes, Rakesh and Bala strike a fine rapport. Rakesh falls for her, her closeness with him leading him to believe that she too reciprocated his love. But Bala has her own past- her turbulent college days and the tragic consequence-haunting her. Would Rakesh succeed in wooing her?

An engaging story well told, with the right dose of humour, sentiment and suspense weaved in; With the trademark style expected of a Priyadarshan film. Harris Jairaj is back to form, composing some melodious, catchy numbers, like the title song, well-rendered (Anuradha Sriram) and aesthetically and sensuously picturied. In fact, all the songs are classily picturised in true Priyadarshan style. Thiru's camera splendidly captures the action, the lighting of the interiors and the warm, golden hue giving a rich glossy look to the frames. And a handsome star cast, tastefully dressed. A colourful scenario, a clever blend of form and content, style and substance.

Based on a successful Malayalam film, the director has introduced some new situations and a more definite ending, which has worked for the betterment of the film. It has quite a few talents from Malayalam cinema - Innocent and Hanifa in delightful cameos. Srinivasan (popular scenarist-actor-director of Malayalam cinema) brings in his unique brand of comedy as the cocky servant, and it's one the audience is sure to enjoy.

Shaam's soft looks and demeanour is appealing, and goes well with his role. Madhavan's energetic appearance towards the end adds drama to the narration. Priyadarshan's knack of projecting his heroines in very favourable light, works to Trisha's advantage here. The actress not well handled in her earlier films, has some suitable, trendy costumes to show her slim figure to advantage. She couldn't have been projected better!

A clean family entertainer from producer Vikram Singh, the film bogged down by some problems took a long time to hit the theaters. But fortunately, it does not look dated, and seems worth the wait.