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07-21-2006, 06:19 AM
Some recipes using left over food :))))

Bread use panni oru recipe aanal hyder kaala pazhasu

Remove the edges of the bread & cut into small pieces.Indha edges-a avasarapattu thooki potudadhenga adhai ennikavadhu pulao pannum bodhu oil-la fry panni add pannalam rich-a irukum plus udambula innum konjam additional kozhupu serum(aaahaa idhallavo sikanam).As usual pan-la butter heat pannunga,then add kadugu,ulundhu,curry leaves,onion,salt,turmeric & chilly powder.Then add boiled & diced potato.Idhukaga potato boil panni time waste pannadhenga veeran eppadiyum unga fridge-la potato fry irukum adhai thooki idhula kottidunga.After it gets mixed up well add the bread pieces & mix well.Bread konjam nalla toast aagara varaikum keep it in the flame.Indha item sooda saaptu gaali pannidunga idhayum micham vechengana appram adhu aari poita even your pet dog wont eat that stuff,b'coz kezhavi skin maadhiri aagidum.

French Toast

Beat an egg in a bowl till frothy,add sugar,salt (a pinch),venilla essence & 1/4 cup of milk & continue beating till the sugar dissolves.Soak bread slices in this mixture for 1 minute & toast it on the tava until both sides turn brown.take out of the tava & spread some honey & enjoy it.

bread halwa

soak the bread slices in milk for 1/2 an hour.Mash it well & keep aside.Heat some water in a kadai & add required amount of sugar.After the sugar dissolves add the mashed bread & stir well.Add ghee little by little & the halwa is ready once it doesn?t stick to the sides & becomes a thick stuff.garnish with cashews & raisins.I?ve done this once,mm? not very appealing may be I dint prepare it well.

one useful thagaval:

Noodles remaining no problem oru capsicum eduthu mel pagudhi konjama cut panni ulla irukaradhellam eduthutu namma noodles-ai vechu stuff pannidunga.konjam maida & water mix panni paste madhiri consistency-la top portion seal panni deep fry pannunga.Instant snack ready.capsicum ulla irundhu scr-ape pannadhu ellam thooki podadhenga next time noodles pannumbodhu or fried rice pannum bodhu use pannikalam.

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