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05-24-2003, 01:10 PM

Simbu is full of life, one has to accept it. Though there is no logic, he manages to fight like they do in Hollywood. His dance is good too. In 'Kalakkuvaen' he reminds the audience of 'Autokkaaran'.

This is a remake of 'Kaadhalan'. Rakshita is the daughter of Police Commissioner. Simbu is the son of a constable. He falls in love with her.

The film doesn't exist without Simbu. Its annoying to hear him address the Commissioner as 'Maama' ( a term which is a slang for pimp). Why wouldn't Ashish Vidhyarthi get pissed off?

Simbu says 'I love you' to Rakshita because she had donated blood to him. That's reasonable. But, Rakshita is well aware of his atrocities. Why does she fall in love with him? Love is blind and brainless too.

The screenplay reeks of masala. You are tempted to laugh when you see Simbu beat the daylights out of big strong men. 'Chanakya' sounds good among the Deva compositions.

Rakshita has loose flesh all over her. She didn't even try to act in the film.

Though the film is full of flaws, the scenes revolving around 'Delhi' Ganesh and Livingston are heartwarming.

The spark in Simbu is reflected in the screenplay too. Though some scenes look incredulous, the pace of the film doesn't give you enough time to think.

If you could bear Simbu's over-styling mannerisms and his digs at the police force, you might even enjoy the film.

06-12-2003, 03:18 AM
Waste Story...
Silambarasan wants to be Rajni kanth...
he started his entry with a song just like Rajni...
Rajni's formula is not working for himself only these days...
how this will be ok for silambarasan?

With Regards,
R. Sankara Narayanan,
Software Engineer illa... Porukki...