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05-24-2003, 01:12 PM
Kathal Sadugudu

Cast: Vikram, Priyanka Trivedi, Prakashraj, Vivek, Nambiar
Banner: Nic Arts

It's two men and a girl, in a triangle of a different sort. One is Suresh, the girl Kausalya's lover. The other Chidambaram, her father. After a couple of accidental encounters, Chidambaram concludes that Suresh is a 'bad man'. In fact 'Nee Thappaanavan..' is his constant refrain whenever he sets eyes on Suresh later. And when he realises that Kausalya and Suresh are in love, he bristles with fury and indignation. But Suresh has his supporters in the girl's maternal grand-parents, and a horde of other relatives who've taken the orphan to their heart. But by the end of the film, Chidambaram realises he was mistaken about Suresh.

The film moves in bits and pieces, with the crucial scenes of Chidambaram's hatred for Suresh, and his subsequent volte face not convincingly handled. The director has let all those 'accidental encounters', and co-incidences take care of the matter! He has overlooked details while shifting locations (like the hero's car suddenly appearing in the village, while the family had travelled by train), and there is no intensity in any of the relationships. Disappointing from the director of 'Mughavari'!

One cannot fault Vikram's performance. For an actor of his calibre, the few repetitive expressions he has been given to project, must have been a cake-walk for him. For the character never really gets a chance to exert itself. Under the dominant character of Chidambaram, Suresh, so lively in the opening scenes, seems to wilt, with hardly any reaction from him towards the second half. Vivek gets a separate comedy track. And when one can appreciate his attempt at creating social awareness through meaningful comedy, his off-colour jokes and inclination towards double entendres puts you off. Prakashraj makes the most of his scenes. Priyanka gives some very cute expressions, but her dress sense distracts the viewers. Vikram, to make up for his sobriety in the latter half, has however the sizzling dance number, and all those numerous lip-to-lip kisses he showers the heroine with!