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05-24-2003, 01:19 PM

Director: Sujith
Cast: Satyaraj,Anandraj, Chandrasekhar, Charlie.

Sena takes to violence at a young age, so that his younger sibling Vikram, can have the best in life. Local don Masthan Bhai takes him under his wings, and Sena soon rises to be the Bhai's favourite henchman. Meanwhile foreign-returned Vikram is all set to marry his sweet-heart Charu, sister of cop Sathya a close family friend. Sathya, aware of Sena's links, advises him to leave Bhai, but to no avail. Irked by Sathya's interference, Bhai unknown to Sena, has Sathya killed. Sena realises Bhai's game-plan, joins hands with Bhai's rival Naga to destroy Bhai's empire. In the bloodshed that follows Sena achieves his aim. But many lifes are lost, and Sena realises that violence doesn't pay.

It's a role that gives Sathyaraj ample scope to re-establish his credentials, and he has made use of the opportunity. While Anandraj makes a convincing Masthan Bhai, Chandrasekhar as Naga cuts a sorry figure. Aravind and Raksha play Vikram and Charu without fuss, though a little more of expression in the face wouldn't have harmed Aravind! Blood and gore abound in the script. And it's ironical that the director in order to convey his message that violence doesn't pay, has used extreme forms of violence on the screen!