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10-07-2006, 10:33 PM

It has been brought to our notice that certain members of Geetham are misusing their private messaging privilege. Please do bear in mind that the rules applying to forum posts apply to private messages as well.

Any attempts to badger other users using private messaging will not be tolerated. Same goes to sending many messages every day to other members. Unless the recipients indicate they welcome the private messages, strict action will be taken against the senders. These actions will range from warnings to removal of private messaging privileges to banning the entire IP range you use to connect to Geetham, depending on the severity of the offence.

Please do keep in mind that private messages are only private for other members, and administrators can monitor private messaging activity of any member.



02-15-2007, 06:09 PM
:) Hi Geetham members,:)

Lately we have been receiving complaints about the PM, which surfaced a year ago.....:(

May I like to remind you to look at the following pages:

Hi Everyone,

Lately, We are hearing lot of reports that Private Message is being misused.

If we intercept more issues like this following actions will be taken without notice:

1. We will ban the User / IP.

2. If we notice its a group we will ban the entire Ip Range. One Single person's stupidity could lead to access loss to all in that range.

3. If it goes out of control, No user will have Private Message Access.

Pay Attention, If you know your friends are doing it, inform us. We take care of the Rest.

Geetham is a social chit-chat place, Use it Wisely.
(Thanks Sri.....)

Anyone who harasses any member, staff with PM will be banned permanently.......

I reiterate: will be BANNED....PERMANENTLY:eek:

We can't tolerate any untoward incident to our Geetham staff.

I have also received complaints that some members are interefering in Geetham staff decisions...........

If you have any issues please contact SHY/VASAN/Katteri/ Tinker...:b:
not mods or other members regarding this.....

Send a PM to one of the above not all......

If you keep sending repeated PM's containing same message.:evil: ..U r PM facility will be blocked.....

and we will IGNORE U...:oops:

Please behave appropriately & enjoy u r stay.........

If things don't change ASAP

Ithuku mella ennalla porumaiyaaa answer panna mudiyaathu......

Katteri Poruthu pothum...

Pongi ezhu...

Edu vun avatharathai...

kudithuvidu avan rathathai nu kilambiduven..:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: