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05-24-2003, 01:23 PM
Innithu Innithu Kadhal Innithu

Cast : Ajai Akash,Neha,Karunas,Vadivelu
Director : Shakthi chidhabaram
Music :Devishri Prasad

Innithu Innithu Kadhal Innithu story has given an new dimension to love.Simbhi ,mammthi are neighbours .Young mates always means that they fell in love ,but here they always fight with each other.

Mammta's father gets transfer to ooty.There she comes to know about love tragedy of lady deepika.Deepika's lover lover Ajai writes a letter to deepika thinking she is alive.Mamta replies to the letter in the name of deepika.In an accident Ajai dies.The letter gets to ajai's best friend simbhi.Simbhi doesn't want to disappoint the his friend's love.So,he replies in the name of ajai.the exchange of love letters continue.for their freinds love ,they work hard and finally they met again and comes to know about the truth.Atleast now they come to love is the sweet climax.

In the role of simbhi,ajai akash acts.Neha acts as 'Mamthi'.In the field of comedy,Karunas - Vadivelu scoreswell.Vadivelu plays the role of Rowdi,Karunas plays the role of poli director.Simran comes for an one song.Pyramid Nataraj plays the role of simbhi's father.Other Characters are Nozhagal ravi,thalaivasal vijay.balaji,city babu,ponnabalam,bailwan ranganathan.This film is directed by Shakthi chidhabaram.

06-12-2003, 03:23 AM
songs... super...
telugu film remake...
aanandham is the telugu film name...

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09-20-2003, 11:18 AM
Director: Shakti Chidambaram
Cast: Jai Akash, Neha, Hamsavardhan, Monica, Vadivelu, Karunas

At loggerheads when they meet, but a close bonding when they communicate with each other through phones or letters, oblivious of each other's identity. Here's yet another film on those lines, a remake of the successful Telugu Film 'Anandam'.

Sibi and Mamathy, though neighbours since childhood as well as collegemates, can't stand the sight of each other, and miss no chance to humiliate and embarass one another. Mamathy, to Sibi's relief, shifts to a new place with her family. Mamathy learns of the house's earlier occupant Deepika who had committed suicide. Deepika, in love with Ajay who had gone home to get his parents consent for their marriage, had committed suicide, misled into believing that Ajay had jilted her. Ajay had stayed back for pursuing his higher studies, and his letter had reached Deepika too late. The sensitive Mamathy, concerned about Ajay's future takes it on herself to reply to him in Deepika's name. But there's a surprise at the other end too.

The Director does make some attempts to give some little touches that would make his narration interesting. But there are too many lagging moments in the film. Jai Akash re-enacts the role he played in the Telugu version. He has these blank expressions in his reaction shots. Surely, a little more of expressions would do him no harm. Neha (noticed even when she played the second lead in 'Mounam Pesiyathe') has charming demeanour and the talent to go with it. Vadivelu tries hard to make you laugh. Simran's sizzling 'item' number sets the screen on fire.