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05-24-2003, 01:26 PM

Cast : Sharat Kumar, Jairam, Ramya Krishnan, Meena
Director : K S Ravikumar
Banner:Mass Movie Maker
Music :Sabesh-Murali


MASS Movie Makers, producers of 'Thenkasippattinam' with Sharat Kumar, are onto their new film, and this time too Sharat is the hero. Yet another hero sharing frames is Jairam the two female leads being played by Meena and Ramya Krishna. Titled 'Paarai', it is directed by K. S. Ravikumar, with a supporting cast of Vijayan, Vinu Chakravarty, Mansuralikhan, Vadivukkarasi, Ramesh Kanna, Chitti Babu, Crane Manohar, Kamalesh Kumar, and two debutants Anand and Subhashini who play the young lovers.

The K. S. Ravikumar-Sharat teaming has resulted in some engaging entertainers like 'Cheran Pandian' and 'Nattamai'. This is their 9th film while Jairam too has had a good combination with the director, with films like 'Purusha Lakshanam', 'Thenali', and 'Panchathanthiram'. Shooting for the film commenced at Chennai and continued at Gopichettypalayam, where some crucial scenes were shot. Says director Ravikumar, "It's a different film from my earlier ones. I've taken simple characters from a rustic set-up, and depicted them in a very natural way. Sharat comes in a role different from the ones you've seen him in earlier. To those who love him, he'll give his life, and to those who betray him, he's like a volcano!"

Ramya Krishnan plays a tea-stall owner, wooed by the young and the old alike. Ramesh Kanna plays a barber. Some scenes were shot where he returns to his shop in the morning, and finds it robbed of everything. Seing some people in front of the shop, with their long hair and beard, he takes them to be potential customers, only to learn that they were beggars on their way to Pazhany. Seeing Ramesh Kanna bereft of his belongings and in a distressed state, they invite him to join them to Pazhany, much to Kanna's discomfiture.

The film has cinematography by S. Sriram, sets designed by Mohan-Rajendran, editing by K. Thanikachalam, stunts by Peter Hayen. Sabesh-Murali (brothers of Deva) who had turned independent composers with Ravikumar's 'Samudram', set the tunes here too.

08-25-2003, 06:59 PM
This movie is ok. Not so good and not so bad.

09-19-2003, 02:58 AM
Actually i think Parai movie is just a remake with touch ups of an old Malayalam movie with Mamooty..it was boring really..BUT Malayali actor (could`nt recall his name) was good in the intial part of the movie..First half is OK but then BLADEEEE :? :? :?