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05-24-2003, 01:27 PM
Priyamana Thozhi Preview

Cast : Madhavan,Jothika,Ramesh kanna,Manivanan,livingston
Director : Vikraman
Banner:Raaj Kamal films
Music :S A Rajkumar

Vikraman directs his first film for the AVM banner, and has titled it 'Priyamana Thozhi'. The lead roles are played by Madhavan, Jyotika and Sridevi (Sridevi's second film after 'Kadhal Virus'). 'It is a film that centres round love and friendship, and is one which will be liked by the women and youth,' says the director.

Most of the shooting is being done at picturesque locations in Ooty. There was a scene shot by director Vikaraman, where Ramesh Kanna with a video camera is taking pictures of Madhavan, his brother's children, and Sridevi. A distraction is caused when Jyotika, playfully hiding from her friends, runs towards the group, and hides behind Madhavan. Yet another scene was taken in a train where Madhavan, travelling with his friends, first sets eyes on Jyotika. So charmed is he by her looks and demeanour, that he records a romantic song in his voice, and drops the cassette in her handbag. There by leaving Jyotika deseparately searching for the owner of the voice. The scenes were canned by cinematographer S. Saravanan.

The supporting cast includes Ramesh Kanna, Livingston, Nirosha, Manivannan, Subhalekha Sudhakar, R. Sunderrajan, Y. Vijaya, Kumaresan, Madanbob, Neelu, Master Bharat and Baby Shweta Bharati. The technical credits include Thottatharani (art director), V. Jaishanker (editing), S. A. Rajkumar (music), Raju Sundaram (dance cheorography). Apart from directing the film, Vikraman pens the story, dialogue and screenplay.