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11-29-2006, 07:02 AM

Movie Name : Rendu
Cast: Madhavan, Anushka, Reema Sen, Vadivelu,
Manivannan, Bhagyaraj
Music Director : D.Imman
Director: Sundar C
Production: Khushboo


Download Here (http://www.tnlmovie.com/Trailer/Rendu.wmv) :sm35:

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11-29-2006, 01:24 PM
Rendu -Preview
After a successful outing as actor in Thalainagaram, director Sundar C is back to pavilion. He has taken to direction again with Rendu, which will hit the screens this November. Madhavan and Reema Sen, who made an attractive pair in Minnalae, have come together for Rendu again. Also popular Tollywood girl Anushka plays another heroine in the movie.

Madhavan, who had teamed up with Sundar C before in Anbae Sivam, reportedly plays a dual role in the movie. Rendu has an interesting cast, which includes comedy track Vadivelu, Manivannan and Bhagyaraj. Hariraj made his debut as hero in Rajinikanth's Valli in 1993 was also starring in rendu. Cast opposite Priya Raman, he managed to win accolades giving his best on the screen.

Director Sundar C has brought to light Hariraj’s skills in playing a baddie in the movie. Heaping laurels on Sundar C, Hariraj says, 'It was a challenging role which I enjoyed the most'.Says Sundar , 'Rendu will have all the essential ingredients for a comical entertainer. Sundar was confident about scenes that have come out well. Madhavan with his skills in the company of Vadivelu will liven up proceedings in the movie. Both Reema Sen and Anshuka have played their part well. No doubt it will be a very funny movie for the audience.

Music director D Imman has come up with six songs that are predominantly excellent .A song featuring Madhavan and Anshuka was shot in Chennai on a huge set resembling Courtallam waterfalls. Art director Jana had erected the sets with 20 trucks loads of water for the song. The set put up at the Island Grounds in Chennai had grabbed the attention of people nearby. A soft romantic number featuring Madhavan and Anushka was shot in the artificial waterfalls. A couple of songs were also shot in Singapore and Malaysia. On being part of the movie.

Madhavan, says, 'It is a great experience working with Sundar C. His style of working did amaze me. Humor comes spontaneously It seems comedy will dominate the whole movie .

11-29-2006, 05:13 PM
Maddy's movie- Trailor looks good too :b:

12-02-2006, 07:34 AM
1st half of the movie was comedy ,
2nd half was sad ....
once watch movie ..... :)