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01-28-2007, 04:19 AM

Movie: Sadhanai
Cast: Kishan
Direction: Kishan
Production: R.B. Sreeraamulu, G. Shanmugam
Music: Prem Kumar

[size= 4]TRAILORZ
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Kollywood’s new director is just nine years old
Children of current generation excel in any field that they dare to venture in. Sky also does not seem to be the limit for them. Kishan is one such kid who has proved his mettle as the director of a full-length movie, which is on its way to enter the Guinness records for the youngest Director in films. In person Kishan comes across as any other nine-year-old child. But one has to see him in the sets to understand his caliber.

Recently the audio of the Tamil version of the movie ‘Sadhanai’ directed by Kishan was launched in Kodambakkam Padmaram theatre.
Ramanarayanan presided over the function in which directors Parthiban and Lingusamy released the audio. On this occasion when Lingusamy spoke, he cited his initial skepticism about a nine-year-old directing a movie without any outside aid. But later he came to realize that Kishan had directed each and every frame of the movie. The very fact that Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff agreed to act in Kishan’s direction speaks about his potential. The film industry stands to gain a lot by welcoming such talents.

Parthiban who has a penchant to stand out penned a special appreciative message, which was as tall as the young boy. All the best Kishan. May you find success in all your endeavours.