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02-09-2007, 10:15 AM
The musical magic of Mani-ARR-Vairamuthu team never ceases to work wonders and provide an auditory treat. The saga continues in Guru (Tamil).
The title "Guru" is a special one, because it holds the same meaning in all the regional languages and Hindi. Guru, a Kamal starrer had wonderful songs,not to mention the Malayalam "Guru", a Mohanlal starrer. Now this 2007 "Guru" is in line with those records.
Though controversies erupted as it is said that the storyline of Guru resembles the life history of Dhirubai Ambani, they had actually helped in the publicity of the flick. Strongly supported by the Star-cast of Abishek, Aishwarya, Madhavan and Vidya balan, light & magic by Rajeev Menon and with Mani wielding the megaphone, Guru is the country's most awaited film of the year.

Nan Nare
Shreya Ghosal, Uday Mazumdar
There are certain ingredients you will definitely find in Mani's flicks. Heroine dancing and singing in rain is one such commonly found stuff in his movies. Guru is not an exception. Aish gets introduced in a rain song. The initial humming "nan naare" has a hangover of humming in "Ammi midichaachu" in "Sillunu oru kaadhal". Guess both were composed during the same time period. The song starts with a mild humming, then accompanied by flute and then with the toe-tapping rhythm pattern (though resembles that of the rain song "Sil sil mazhaiye "of "Arindhum ariyaamalum"), takes off to wonderful, joyful mood and one can feel as if its raining around, just by listening to the song. Looks like Shreya's hit graph is in course of a steep rise and she is just brilliant in rendering style and bringing out the energy and mood required for such song.
It is to be noted that, the situation of the song is not just an intro song of the girl singing in rain, but she is ready to elope and bids adieu to all her favorites at home.

Mayya Mayya
Chinmayee, Mariyam Toller, Keerthi
Maryem Toller, Egypt-born and now Canada based singer is roped in for this song, to lend vocals for Mallika Sherawat on screen. Right from the prelude to the tune and style of singing, has the strong middle-eastern feel all through. Vairamuthu has given splendid lyrics as the dancer girl describing herself and it fits the situation of the song to the T. One cannot deny that this song strongly reminds of "ennuyire" from Mani's "Uyire".

A.R.Rahman, Chinmayee, Quadir, Murtuza
Rahman had musical collaboration with Nusrat Fateh Ali khan for his "Vande mataram" and is a great fan and admirer of him. As a tribute to the late genius, Rahman has come out with this song, strongly inspired by Khan and rightly dedicated to him. The sore point is that, though the orchestration is grand and instantly catchy, the Tamil lyrics do not gel with the tune as the Hindi lyrics. There is also a strong suspicion for everyone including Rahman, if his voice will suit Abishek. Mani has picturised this song in Madurai Thirumalai nayakkar mahal. Don't know if it’s a sentiment for Mani as he had placed camera there for his previous films "Bombay" and "Iruvar". The "dum dhara" chanting that comes all through this song has a slight resemblance with chanting tune of Gayathri mantra.

Ye Manburu Mangaiye
Srinivas, Sujatha, A.R.Rahman And Aslam
A word of caution- this song is highly addictive and will mesmerize the listener instantly. The prelude brings back memories of Iruvar’s "Poongodiyin punnagai" song. Srinivas has done a wonderful job of taking the already superb song to new dimensions. He has replaced Hariharan who had sung the Hindi version and has done justice to that. Kudos to Vairamuthu for his lyrics with usage of pure tamil words from historic Tamil literatures, for a dubbed film.

Paisa Paisa
Karthik, Madhushree
This song promptly reminds us that "Guru" is a period film. What an amazing tune from the master, that takes sharp twists and turns? Again, one can't stop the de ja vu feeling on listening to the song. Karthik has done a wonderful job in this challenging song. The song has philosophical touch all over, listing out the consequences of having and not having money.

Ore Kana
A.R.Rahman, Chitra, Madras Chorale Group
There is a famous advertising slogan for a fabric- "Have you ever felt like flying?" One will surely feel like flying on closing the eyes and listening to this song, beautified with grand orchestration. This kind of magical score can occur only when geniuses like Rahman and Mani work together. This song, in enchanting voice of Chitra and Rahman, is sure to create the needed impact, along with visuals.

Jodi Jodi
S.P.Balasubramaniam, Chitra And Chorus
The song begins in a comical way and one can't resist the urge to skip the song. But S.P.B has given a new dimension to this song with his mesmerizing voice and exactly imitating a person on booze. The situation is that, Guru is blessed with twin daughters and he is celebrating it with his villagers. The song is set in folk style and an average cine goer from South India can relate to this song very well than any other songs of this album.

Rahman is back in form and “Guru” is a special musical treat from the Master.


02-09-2007, 05:22 PM
I heard the songs in Hindi. My pick among the songs is 'Ai Hairathe'. The song had a sense of antiquity in it. The accordion(?!) brought it up very well. Hariharan-Alka combo worked very well.

Jaage Hain should've been pick 2. However it is hard to enjoy good orchestration in headphones. I should see this song in theater to fully enjoy it. Hopefully the picturization is good enough to support.

Tere Bina attracted me for the humming thats been used in the trailers. After seeing the trailer a good number of times, the pallavi of the song sounded hurried. Why does Chinmayee's voice sound so masculine in this song :Ksp:

Mayya and Baazi Laga are song skippers.

Ek Lo Ek Muft is lyrics oriented song, dint understand to enjoy it.

Barso Re sounded ok, havent got hooked to it yet.

female lead intros are usually rain songs :ee: The songs did'nt give that period film feel, only 'Ai Hairathe' did. Rest sounded modern.

02-10-2007, 01:33 AM
ey hairathe is my pick. nare nare (baraso re) was OK too.

02-10-2007, 04:38 AM

Why does Chinmayee's voice sound so masculine in this song :Ksp:

She has a matured voice now compared to her voice modulation in oru daivam...

I loved all the song mY pick is jaage, followed ai hairathey & tere bina...Fantastic songs

02-10-2007, 04:59 AM
Chinmayee had a mature voice in Enna Thavam (Thilakam) she was back to a modulated kind of voice in Oru Nanban Irundhal (Enakku 20 Unakku 18 ) and Enna Idhu (Nala Damayanthi).