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10-26-2003, 01:22 PM
Director Ramana

Pushpa Kandasamy


Vijay, Jyothika, Raghuvaran, Kousalya, Manoj K Jayan


Tirumalai is the man for all reasons. Mechanic, expert bike racer, lovelorn but at the same time bails hapless lovers to unite and give philosophical and practical speeches which even inspires the villain in the climax to unite him with his lover!

The failing of Titumalai is that it presents the hero as a comic book superhero than a real person. It looks more like a sequel to Vijay’s earlier films like Bhagavathy and Puthiya Geethai, a ‘masala’ concoction of formula film.

So meet Tirumalai (Vijay) a happy-go-lucky mechanic who is an orphan living in the automobile street of Puthupet in Chennai. He has a group of friends for whom he would do anything. He is also very close to his mentor (Raghuvaran as an artist) and Raghuvaran's wife Lakshmi (Nandini). On New Year day he meets a girl Swetha (Jyothika) a fashion designer student. She greets him and tells him to spread happiness around and immediately our hero falls hook-line sinker for her! She is the daughter of a business tycoon who owns six satellite channels!

Employing all cinematic clichés seen in ‘masala’ films Tirumalai tries to woo the rich girl and wins her over with his goodness! Meanwhile the tycoon father (Kannada actor Avinash) hates the idea of a lowbrow mechanic being his son-in-law and seeks the help of a local godfather Arasu (Manoj.K.Jayan) who kills people like swatting flies. Tirumalai not only finishes off Arasu’s gang members but also saves him from death. Now it is Arasu’s turn to help Tirumalai to get his girl.

Phew! Technically tacky and story-wise lamebrain, it is another narcissistic enterprise for Vijay. Director Ramana should have gone into the basics of filmmaking before attempting to make this over-the-top love story. Vijay has worked and reworked on his tried and tested action and comedy antics once again. One of the highlights of Tirumalai are the peppy songs of Vidyasagar.

Verdict: Routine Fare

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10-29-2003, 03:28 PM

Cast Vijay, Jothika, Raghuvaran, Kousalya, Vivek, ManojK.Jayan, Nizhalgal Ravi.
Producer/Banner Pushpa Kandaswamy/Kavithalaya
Direction Ramana
Music Vidhyasagar
Cinematography Rathinavelu
Stunt Peter Heyns


Thirumalai (Vijay) is a two-wheeler mechanic who lives in Pudupet and has three close friends for whom he would do anything. Raghuvaran is an artist who comes to stay near Tirumalai’s mechanic shop with his wife Nagalakshmi (Kousalya). Thirumalai happens to meet Swetha (Jothika), on a New Year’s Day. As she appears in front of him all of a sudden, she happens to greet saying ‘Everyone will do fine’. From that very day, things start to shine up in Thirumalai’s life. He falls in love with Swetha as he thinks that good things started to happen in his life only after she greeted him. Swetha first ignores him, but soon she understands his nature and reciprocates. Meanwhile Swetha’s father (Avinash), a business tycoon who owns six satellite channels hates the idea of a mechanic being his son-in-law and seeks the help of a local thug Arasu (Manoj.K.Jayan) whose only job is to kill people for huge money. Arasu plots an attempt to kill Thirumalai. Does Thirumalai succeed in winning his girl or is he caught up in the plot against him forms the rest of the story.

Vijay presents the character that has a quite a few fine distinctions, creditably. Vijay, who generally does not believe in exerting himself too much in the emotions department, (there are a couple of exceptions though), has made a laudable effort. When he comes to know that Arasu’s men have kidnapped all his friends, Vijay's anguish over the incident have been well outlined by him. Jothika is as fresh as she was in Kushi and delights the audience with her dances especially Dhimusu Kattai number. There is nothing new in Vivek’s comedy track.Debutant director Ramana an assistant to R.K.Selvamanai moves the film at an interesting pace. Little more care could have been taken on the screenplay. The highlights of the film are Vidhya Sagar’s music and Peter Heyne’s stunts. Vidhya Sagar’s re-recording enhances the effect of many scenes, including the fight sequences. R.Rathinavelu’s camera work is catchy especially in the foreign locales.

Comment : Watchable once. [/highlight:ca20e30b5a]


11-06-2003, 02:49 PM

"This movie does not have a new story line, and neither is it gonna rock and jolt the Tamil Cinema industry." says Vijay, giving a preface about the film. Debut director Ramana gives a rather contradictory opinion about the movie: "Every 20 min brings something new and unique. Everything that Thirumalai does is spectacular!". One movie, two entirely different opinions!

An exceptional story line wouldn't suit Vijay. Hence the usual kind of a story has been selected and the director has tried to give a polished, improvised screenplay.

Vijay falls in love with a rich and sophisticated young lady, Jyothika. After a few scenes, Jyothika begins to reciprocate towards Vijay. Jyothika's father opposes to their love affair with the help of a local Don (These days every Villain is a Don in the Tamil movies!!). The movie ends with a victorious Vijay, as usual, and hence there is not much suspense.

The movie is entirely attributed to Vijay. Hence no other character makes a lasting impression on the viewers. With a trim mush and extremely good looks, Vijay is simply giving a treat to his fans.

But the character slips when Vijay has not done justice to the local language, being a resident of Chennai himself.

Jyothika plays the role of a young lady, who is the daughter of a renowned businessman who owns 6 satellite channels (!). An even younger artist, preferably a debut artist, could have better suited this role. Too much make-up spoils the beauty and looks of Jyothika. (instead of enhancing them !)

There seems to be no match between the supreme status of Jyothika's father, and the lousy acting performed by him. Confusing himself every now then, he seems to simply shatter the composure of the viewers.

Raghuvaran and Kousalya (who partnered Vijay a few years ago in movies!) feature in the whole of the movie. But actually they don't contribute much to the story at all!

Manoj K.Jayan, who featured as an Inspector of police in 'Dhool', plays the role of a Villain here. His dialogues alone enhance the role he performs. Unfortunately the picturing does not befit even that of a pickpocketeer!

Whenever he is in a multi-storey building, or a factory, etc. there appears a gang behind him, almost instantly. A little too artificial isn't it? And the highlight is that, Vijay some how comes to know of the exact time and place where Jayan is, and even somehow reaches there at this appropriate time and make a variety of challenges! Did Vijay have the future predicted by any chance?


There is a heart throbbing suspense when each of Vijay's companions is kidnapped. It is not thrilling for Vijay alone, but for the viewers also. This is a great achievement for the director.

There is a scene, wherein, a T.V cameraman witnesses a murder happen and shoots the scene, noticing which a gang follows him with all its might to get hold of the camera. When he thus runs for his life, he stumbles and falls and the camera slips out of his hands, and captures a picture of Vijay romancing with Jyothika.


Here comes the interval. The next scene shows the cameraman safe and sound in his studio. Wow! Ultimately the cameraman escaped during the interval? How unrealistic! Are the viewer's such fools to accept this?

Vijay's next movie being 'Gilli', one can hear the word being repeated several times 'Avan Gillida', 'Gilli Adichaan paaru'. Kiran's song is just totally futile. "Azhgooril pirandavalae…" The director seems to have struggled to picturise this melodious song in foreign locations!

The only satisfactory achievement of the movie is that, it is not boring at all to the viewers. But the director cannot be excused for omitting important and relevant scenes (as mentioned above), for this reason.

Thirumalai, for Vijay, is certainly better and more appreciable than some of the movies which came out after 'Friends'. But why is it that Vijay is continuously giving dissatisfactory movies after mega super hits like 'Kushi', 'Friends', etc?

Some scenes and songs

Screenplay and Worthless characters


11-07-2003, 12:04 AM
thirumalai... kalakku raaja vijay...

12-06-2003, 04:07 PM
thirumalai is a very good movie and vijay looks younger than his age, after the big hit kushi, vijay and jyothika paired in this movie. i just love all the song from this movie.