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07-03-2007, 05:53 PM
Read through this:

S. Mirza - 28 June
Thursday, 28 June, 2007

Q. Can I ask you about doubles? You are going to play with Shahar Peer, and that's something in the past that has caused a lot of controversy. Did you hesitate about re forming the partnership at all?
SANIA MIRZA: No. Everyone was fixed for doubles at this point. I mean,
we've grown up together. We're great friends. So we said, why not? It didn't cause controversy, the controversy was caused by you guys, so let's not even go there now. We're playing, and it's very hard she didn't have a partner, I didn't have a partner. I played with six different partners in six different tournaments the last six weeks. So we'll see.

Q. Obviously you've got a big forehand, she's got a big backhand, so that's a big plus.
SANIA MIRZA: Yes, I think we were both very lucky to find each other because it's someone who suits each other's game. I have a big forehand, she has a big backhand. We've done well in the past. So yeah, I think we're seeded and we have a pretty good draw for the first round, and she's still in singles.

Q. And also, to be straightforward, I know you hate to talk about politics, but still, people have been saying just that you would be willing to play with her and that the world will see this, so to speak, is a statement, and it says something that tennis can do something that maybe isn't able to be done
SANIA MIRZA: We're playing tennis, we're not making statements. We're just here to play tennis and we're here to perform and be the best we can be. I mean, everything we do or everything we say, we're normal human beings, and we're not here to make statements with every move that we make. Me and Shahar are playing just like the way me and Birnerova played the French Open, just like the way I played with anyone else the last six weeks. It doesn't make any statement.

Q. With all due respect, others would say in other domains that two people that want to do things together, sometimes they're stopped by culture or politics. So is that a plus for tennis, that there's no such restriction?
SANIA MIRZA: I mean, I don't understand what you're trying to get at here because if you're trying to get things out of my mouth, I don't know. You know, we are playing together. We are playing doubles together, period. It has nothing more to do. I have a good forehand, she has a good backhand. That's all we care about at this point. We really don't care whether she's from Israel or I'm from Pakistan. At the end of the day it matters whether we win a match or not.

Q. Do you feel quite strongly then that all the other stuff just shouldn't come into it?
SANIA MIRZA: Well, you guys bring it because that's what you're trying to do right now. I mean, I have to keep saying this. I'm repeating myself. I'm here to play tennis and so is she. That's the end of that. It has nothing to do with anything else. We've grown up together and we're friends and we're playing doubles together. I don't know why there needs to be any other questions.


I don't understand what religion has to do with sports, Is this interviewer a moron?

How many times they ask the same freaking question?

07-03-2007, 05:57 PM
Q. You're next scheduled, I think, to come to the Bay Area in California in Stanford. I believe you've been there last year. But what do you like about that part of the world?
SANIA MIRZA: First of all, I have a lot of family in America, in San Diego. My aunt lives in San Diego. It's one of my favorite tournaments because it's very like home, and my aunt stays there. I get a chance to see them, and it's obviously a beautiful place to play tennis. I've always played well in San Diego. Right now, I think my focus is still Wimbledon. I still have doubles and mixed to go. Now maybe I'll work on my schedule again a little bit. But as of now, yes, I am playing that.

Is there a Stanford in SanDiego :think: :think: ....