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09-05-2007, 08:18 PM
If you had reaped success in your earlier venture, it is only natural that expectations ride high in your successive ventures. Riding in the earlier success of ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal’, the director-musician duo’s (Priya – Yuvan) second innings did quite manage to pull out a decent album. Yuvan actually seemed to have kicked up his heels while at his task which shows in the renditions making the album an absolute treat to listen to.


Andru vandhadhum idhae nila

A remix of the very famous MGR song, Yuvan Shankar Raja impresses with a different tune of the very same lyrics and retaining some of the rhythm. Yuvan Shankar Raja has remixed several songs but by far this is his best work. Very enjoyable and with a vintage feel to it, especially in the instrumental usage. Shankar Mahadevan, Haricharan and Shwetha have enjoyed the song while singing, which clearly shows. A chartbuster without a fragment of doubt.


All set for a hit!


The song starts with Saindhavi’s rendition of a karnatic based song which gives an impression this would be another Kanda naal mudhalai song from the director – music director’s last combo “Kanda Naal Mudhal” but what follows is a brilliant mixture of western and traditional tunes to give this year’s one of the most enjoyable songs. Thamarai’s lyrics are quite a treat to the listeners. The song sounds more like a hip-hop version of a Marriage Unjal song. Singers Palghat Sriram, Saindhavi, Prasanna, and Narayanan impress with their vocal gifts.


All set for a Super Hit!

A rap style romantic song; Yuvan shows his experience in the instrumental usage. Vocals by Haricharan and Shwetha are worth a mention. But when the song is finished one cannot help but feel that there was something missing in the song. However, you don’t regret for having heard the song. The visuals for the duet will definitely play a key role in determining the success of the song.


Good genuine efforts.

Putham pudhu Kathu

The very starting would make you realize that the song sounds similar to Yuvan’s Arindhum Ariyamalum’s “Yella yella” and Yuvan’s instrumental use also brings the sense of déjê vu to the fore. But still the song is enjoyable thanks to Shankar Mahadevan and Vijay Yesudas.


Definitely not bad.


Shankar Mahadevan and Madhushree take us along on a romantic journey and Yuvan helps with the use of tabla and keyboard and brilliant use of Violin just after the pallavi. His innovation is explicit when he uses water splash sounds in the third stanza, which gives a feeling that the listener is in a solitary island. The song is truly magical if you close your eyes and let your mind free, a masterpiece.


All set for a Super Hit!

Overall Rating

This is an enjoyable album all through; Priya and Yuvan combination has indeed bettered their previous “Kanda Naal mudhal”. As there are no pathos songs it feels even more enjoyable. The year is already filled with superlative albums like Sivaji, Unnale Unnale, Pachaikili muthu charam, Chennai 28 Kreedom, Bheema, Sathampodathey, Urchagam and Sivi, and this album will also join this elite club and may actually rank somewhere on the top.


09-06-2007, 02:18 AM
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