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There’s grandeur in the setting. Beautiful silk drapes and antique shawls echo the rich aesthetic of the past. Sitting pretty on a luxurious settee is Shruthi Hasan. In a figure-flattering, ankle-skimming, all-shimmer peshwaaz, she strikes pose s like a seasoned ramp scorcher. As shutterbugs go clickety click, shoppers stop by and gape like gold fish.

Designer Rehane believes in springing surprises. This time around, she turns away from her on-your-face design aesthetic and hits the heritage route to celebrate the rich textures and intricate craftsmanship of the past. Allowing you to take a sneak peek at her latest “Heritage” line (to be launched tomorrow) at her store on Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai’s design ace talks about the nuances of her garments.

“Heritage is something that’s close to my heart. I love clothes that belong to a certain time frame. The Mughals continue to inspire us in more ways than one. Talk about art, craft, perfumes, couture, architecture or décor. The era is timeless. I wanted to recreate the past – in its pure form. That’s why you don’t see fusions here. I’ve only cut down on the volume, because it’s not practical. Otherwise, I’ve tried to retain the essence of the past aesthetic,” smiles the designer.

Awash with nostalgia, the line of angarkas, chogas, shawls and saris in gossamer-like cotton, super-fine linen, delicate silk and jacquard (Rs. 4,000 onwards) is a distinct departure from Rehane’s trademark fashion-forward design sensibility. No posy pinks, rosy reds and sunny yellows. The line comes in a subdued palette. “I’ve deliberately exercised restraint to off-set the gleam of gota and other crafts that I’ve used in abundance.”

But remind her that such culture-inspired clothes are not her forte, and she smiles, “True, but I don’t want to be typecast. I want people to know that I can also do culture-couture. Like the seasons, fashion too is a cycle. And designers need to reinvent themselves with every line. The Jamewaar line is truly vintage. I’ve used antique shawls to create borders for crepe-jacquard saris. And there are sari-shawl coordinates too. To me, this line is not a pastiche of the past. It’s a passionate look at the times gone by – when fabrics were cherished, details appreciated and crafts treasured. ‘Heritage’ is an important facet of my oeuvre.”


Talk about Fashion Week and words flow incessantly, “It’s so much pressure. Can’t participate twice a year. It simply drains your energy. I do agree, it translates into business, but it also costs a lot – to participate and put together a collection for the catwalk. Being on show 24x7 at Fashion Week is very stressful.”


On fashion: Being a black-dresses-black-nail-polish person, I didn’t think I could relate to ethnic chic. But the minute I saw the peshwaaz, I was simply taken in by its beauty. Surprisingly, it’s so light I can carry it off. Hey, it works!

On music: Yes, it’s my passion. Right now, I’m focussed on an album. It will be eclectic – kind of a khichdi. I love khichdi!

On writing: Love writing poetry. It was born out of a need to confess. So every night, I write. I don’t use big words. My poetry is simple. I like it that way. Will use some of my writings for my album.

On films: Yes, would like to do smart films. Prefer to do roles I can relate to. There must be logic in the character I portray. Sorry, I don’t want to sound pompous.


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chudi mathiri thaane irukku.. me want to see more picssssssss

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Hey Shy, me found out that Peshwaaz is the big overall kinda thingie (for want of better word) that goes on top of the churidhar. It's Pakisthani dress, usually worn during special occassions, I believe.

If I google it, I get in to Pakisthani forums. Will try to get more pictures.

Can you please correct the typo in the thread name. Me so embarrassed about it. :oops: :oops:


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Oh, there you go. If you look with one 'a' in it, you get loads of stuff, still mostly Pak site, but who cares when it's fashion, eh?

Long gown-like dress, consisting essentially of a choli (q.v.) worn rather high to which a front-opening skirt is attached. The garment was worn at an early point by men, too, but is essentially to be regarded as women's apparel. Worn with much refinement and elegance 'on occasions of household festivals'. Literally, "front-opening".

Copy & Paste from a forum:
Peshwaz is a frock. Its got a real fitting body till the waist usually the body has kaam waghera or embriodery on it then from the waist below its attached to a frock with loads of gher and underneath is a shalwar

kinda like the mughal dresses or another very good example of peshwaz is Rekha in the song Salam-e-Ishq

If you replace the Shalwar with a chooridar pajama it becomes a Anarkali dress

Hyderabadi dress is the pajama and kurta with a Seven yard duppatta which is worn in a particular manner because its very long usually the shirt is of net or some see through materail with a shameez underneath it.

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for me too

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